Thursday, January 01, 2009

Going Coastal

The Sun Sets on 2008 . . .

. . . And Rises on 2009

(Photo Credit: Moose, evening, 12/31/08 and morning, 1/1/09)

The moms are ringing in the New Year at a funky, wonderful inn on the beautiful Sonoma Coast. They spent last night feasting like queens and dancing in "2009" masks and a glorious afternoon today strolling along the beach at Gualala Point talking about their hopes and dreams for the coming year. Resolutions? Yoga, writing, and pushing the Obama administration to the left.

How about you, my legions of loyal fans? What's on your hearts and minds as a new year dawns? Your friends at Roxie's World send warm wishes and virtual face licks your way. May peace, health, and dog's love be with you in 2009.

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  1. There is nothing like a Sonoma sunset and sunrise to mark a new year. Used to see them from Sonoma mountain at my parents' place there. Sorry you never got to see it, with the view over the Valley of the Moon. But the ocean is always a sight for sighs and whole body calm. Be well friends.


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