Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Madame Secretary

Newsflash: Guys can hold bibles and look somber and supportive while their brilliant and accomplished wives take oaths of office! The Big Dawg shows how it's done in the above photo, taken in Hillary Clinton's senate office during her swearing in as secretary of state in the administration of President Barack Obama. She was confirmed for that post this afternoon on a 94-2 vote, with Republicans David Vitter of Louisiana and Jim DeMint of South Carolina voting in the negative. We are disappointed yet not surprised that Clinton did not win the support of one of the more prominent conservatives to show up on the phone list of the DC Madam and the wing-nut who brags that he was rated by The National Journal as the most conservative senator two years in a row.

We're so pleased with Hillary's new position and so suffused by the sense of well-being that has resulted from more than 24 hours without George Bush and Darth Cheney anywhere near the executive branch that we are delighted to pass along to you this very funny bit from The Onion about Hillary allegedly mouthing along to the presidential oath yesterday at President Obama's swearing in. It is a good example of how to be funny without being mean, the line we strive continually to find here in Roxie's World. The only detail we find objectionable is the suggestion that Hillary only appeared to change the wording when it came time for the president to say his name. We feel confident in asserting that if she had been mouthing along Secretary Clinton would have corrected Chief Justice John Roberts' bungling of the word order of the oath. She'd have fixed that as quickly as we reckon she'll start fixing all the diplomatic disasters wrought by her predecessor in Foggy Bottom, but here, in any case, is the bit from The Onion:
WASHINGTON—Network news cameras covering Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony Tuesday captured Hillary Clinton silently moving her lips along with each word of the minute-long presidential oath of office. As she stood watching several yards from Chief Justice John Roberts, the former Democratic presidential candidate could be observed placing her left hand on a leather appointment book and raising her right hand slightly from her hip. Clinton, who carefully followed the swearing-in procedure with her eyes shut tightly, only varied from the president's words once, when she soundlessly mouthed her name instead of Barack Obama's. Clinton was later seen at an inaugural ball pretending she was dancing with first lady Michelle Obama.
Hey, we bet all the girls at the balls last night were pretending they were dancing with the new first lady. We're quite sure that if we had been there we would have been, even though Moose, the tallest girl in Roxie's World, has never had the experience of dancing with a woman taller than she is. We'll close with a last piece of inaugural eye candy, a photo of the First Couple dancing at the Commander-in-Chief ball, to help persuade Moose that in this new day she needs to open her mind to new possibilities. Well, she mutters from her red chair, as long as I get to wear a white tie and tails. And, you know, rule the freakin' world.

(Photo Credit: Doug Mills, New York Times)


  1. Anonymous11:03 AM EST

    I agree with your assessment of DeMint and Vitter, but their 2 nay votes are all about their next re-election campaigns. They're protecting their right flanks by not allowing anyone to say "he voted to approve HELLARY CLINTON as Secretary of State!!!!!" It's nothing personal--it's just politics. I'm sure HRC understands. (Interesting, though, isn't it that the scofflaw wunderkind moneyman Geithner is getting passes right and left for not paying his taxes. Chez Historiann has an accountant--and I'm sure I make a hell of a lot less money than Geithner ever has. He should be dinged for being cheap and/or lazy, IMHO.)

    One of the things we like about the Clintons is that they always make the right enemies, right? And don'tcha love the new evidence from the Bidens that Joe knows he drew the short end of the stick with VP instead of SoS?

  2. Surely it shows what an amazingly conscientious person Hillary is -- she takes oaths for all the big offices so that she can do the big jobs as they overlap and entail each other! Not to mention it demonstrating her great abilities at comradeship and empathy! These are empathetic forms of supporting others. People just get this competition thing wrong: comradeship requires that we all PARTICIPATE in each other's work!


  3. YES, comradeship DOES demand that, Katie. And Hillary practices this better than anyone I've seen (including Barack Obama, and that's to take nothing away from him: so far, I'm impressed and happy, with the exception of this crazy Afghanistan talk; but Richard Holbrooke might put a stop to that).

    Joe Biden has looked so ridiculous the past couple of days. Today I saw Obama walking into the State dept. He was very deferential to and praiseful of Hillary. At one point Biden was trying to interject himself, and Obama did this smooth and wonderful job of turning his shoulder and focusing on Hillary. Besides the stupid joke Biden cracked yesterday about Justice Roberts (I don't like him either, but seriously -- respect the office and respect the oath, Joe; respect your boss!), there's the more-than-awkward indiscretion of his wife. Obama must be really happy he didn't put him in the Sec of State position -- imagine (yikes, DON'T, you'll freak out).

    Loved it when Obama kind of flirted with Hillary -- he loved her power suit. Heard some Obamaniac on the radio grousing about Obama being "too Clinton" and then not having very specific reasons and began to think, wouldn't it be the irony of ironies if Goose, GOOSE, ends up defending and praising Obama to his erstwhile followers. As our friend from Wisconsin said, stranger things have happened. . . .

    We have to stop this man from escalating war in Afghanistan, and we have to move him out of his homophobia. I have greater hopes for doing this after Rick Warren's embarrassing performance Tuesday. Here's to Obama for mentioning "nonbelievers."

    Peace out, Rox,


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