Friday, January 23, 2009

Dog Bless Bill Moyers

Go watch this extraordinary post-inaugural conversation Bill Moyers has with Columbia law prof Patricia J. Williams and Princeton poli sci prof Melissa Harris-Lacewell about race, politics, history, and the meanings of the milestone achieved in the United States this week. We'd embed it if we could, but we can't, so just click on over there or, or, . . . or you'll wake up ten pounds heavier tomorrow morning. We're not even going to give you any eye candy, because if we do you'll be tempted to linger here, and for once in our blog-whoring little lives we don't want you to do that. Go show Bill some love, and we'll get back to you real soon about how cool it is to live in a country not ruled by idiots and fascists.

Oh, and while we're begging you to leave us, go read this lengthy piece by Simon Schama on Obama. It tends toward the hagiographic, but in a smart way. Read it now, or my typist will start writing a poem that looks for other words that rhyme with "Obama" besides "Schama." You know, like this:
I went downtown upon my llama
to talk to President Obama
about the fact that my two mamas
should get to marry if they wanna --
I told you to get the heck out of here, people! Go do your homework. There will be a quiz! Obama would want you to study! ;-)

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