Bark, Don't Bite

Park Rules, Or Very Nearly a Comment Policy

We don't really have a Comment Policy around here. If we did, it would probably be something simple like, Don't be a butthead. We don't moderate comments, and the only ones we've ever deleted were clearly spam. We also don't get a high volume of comments, and those we do get tend to be clever and kind rather than mean-spirited, even if everybody doesn't always see things in exactly the same way. (What a dull world it would be if they did, right?)

One of the virtues of being a relatively small blog is that we don't attract trolls and other troublemakers. Roxie's World is not officially a "safe space," though we hope everyone who visits feels safe and welcome. We don't maintain it as such because, with due respect to blogs that do otherwise, we have never been comfortable with the policing mechanisms, formal and informal, that tend to accompany the safe space ideal. Again, that may have more to do with our small size than with our ardent commitment to free speech, but it's a friendly way of operating that has served us well and we hope to be able to stick with it.

Roxie's World is a virtual dog park. Everyone is off-leash and welcome to come hang out and play. Avoid being aggressive, nasty, and territorial, and the whole pack will be delighted to see you. Get out of control, and the Top Dog might have to intervene, but we're guessing that won't be necessary, because you are all good dogs at heart.

Got questions or concerns about this non-policy? E-mail me at