Wednesday, July 04, 2012

You Light Up My Life

(Photo Credit: Moose, 7/3/12, South Haven, MI)

Happy Fourth of July, darlings. The Moms and Ms. Ruby are in Michigan, fortunately, where there is electricity and air conditioning and unspoiled food and a really big, pretty lake. Which is good, because back home, five days after the epic (what the heck is a) derecho (anyway) that struck the DC area, the house still does not have power!

We'll spare you the anti-Pepco rant for now. (But if you really want one, go here.) It's a holiday, and we've got a parade to get to. Ms. Ruby and cousin Scooter will be sporting patriotic dog gear. What will you be wearing? Wherever you are, we hope you have power today. And fun. Lots and lots of fun. Peace out.


  1. Why did they light off fireworks on July 3? Thatte's fucken stupid!

  2. If necessary, you can spend the rest of the summer in Michigan, right?

  3. Peaches and I just left South Haven the morning of the 3rd!!! We were visiting my aunt and uncle who have a cottage up past the Sleepy Hollow Resort. Haven't been to see them since 2009, but it's always nice to visit.

    So weird. We probably trudged right past you on the beach and didn't even know it!

  4. Dudleys human11:42 PM EDT

    Five days of no power. Thank goodness for a shady lawn and a hand fan. On the plus side, the refrigerator needed cleaning out anyway.

    As for Pepco, the president of Pepco did without his salary increase last year, but still manages to take home over $7 million (as reported by the conservative Washington Times. Whereas the fine folks who were working through the midday heat to get our power back on--you know, the people who actually do something important and do it well--got in the range of $36K-$44K for risking sunstroke thirty feet above the ground.


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