Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hillary: A Vindication

The Happy Prologue to Hillary Clinton's confirmation hearings before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today: A new Gallup poll shows her with an approval rating of 65%, her highest rating in almost ten years.

The Condensed Version of what she had to say in her opening statement and testimony: World effed-up beyond recognition, guys? Don't worry -- We'll fix it, with smart power! (Because it's Hillary, we will restrain the impulse to make a snarky joke about how "smart power" sounds like a new cleaning product, but it does, doesn't it? Transcript of her opening statement is here. ABC's Charlie Gibson and Jonathan Carl discuss Clinton's hearing here. Update: Dana Milbank has a not too snarky account of the lovefest here. Shorter version of Dem sens to HRC: We really, like, totally like you, despite the fact that we endorsed the guy who kinda stole the nom from you. Please don't make our weenies feel any smaller than they already feel. Repubs to HRC: We, like, love everything you've ever done or thought of doing or will ever do at any point in time, and we're completely faking any concern about your husband's fundraising activities because, you know, both of the people in the country who still consider themselves Republicans expect us to. Sorry. Love you -- mean it!)

Shot of the Day? No contest:

Caption as we imagine NY Times chief Clinton hater Maureen Dowd would write it: Mom will bring peace to the world -- and then I can take it over in 2016!

(Photo Credits: Doug Mills, New York Times, here and here.)


  1. Wonderful Rox! And I'd say a close contender for the Clinton Hater in Chief is Andrea Mitchell, with her plastic face and anorectic body. What a bitter woman -- why does NBC continue to pretend she's a journalist when she's just a blowhard for the DC insiders who covet the Clintons' popularity?

    Here's to a great run as Secretary of State! Hey, did you see Katha Pollitt on Caroline Kennedy, Rox? "Caroline and Me" can be found at http://www.thenation.com/doc/20090126/pollitt.

    I think Pollitt's actually slightly more qualified that CK since she's published so much poetry and Obama prizes those who tend language carefully.
    Always yours,

  2. Anonymous10:21 AM EST

    Thanks for the link to the Pollitt column, Goose. I don't subscribe any longer to the Nation, but am eager to see what Pollitt says about CK.

    I thought the photos of Clinton and Clinton (fille) were lovely, too.

  3. So glad you picked up Goose's link to the Pollitt, Historiann -- It reminded us of your (tragically failed) campaign for the Colorado senate seat.

  4. Anonymous1:10 PM EST

    Yes, indeed. Although the press loves our new "Senator" Bennet, Dems are hopping mad. There are people now trying to stir up interest in primarying Governor Ritter, who made the appointment. That kind of surprises me--I would think that a primary challenge would be more likely for Bennet, especially if the Dems sense that he's not ready for a statewide campaign, but the Governor? That just shows you how little support Bennet has among Dems, and how little impressed the Dems are with Ritter's appointments lately.


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