Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Pink Dachshund

(Photo Credit: Kate Flint, Santa Fe, 1/7/09)

Because it's late, and it's been raining all day long, and the Non-Lady Terps somehow managed to lose their last non-conference game of the season, and Moose is feeling administratively harassed and hormonally unbalanced and professionally . . . ambivalent, we pass along this image from a good friend and devoted reader who has launched an ambitious Image a Day project on Facebook.

Because some days, a girl just needs a little eye candy, and a pink dachshund in a Santa Fe store that doesn't even have a name is exquisite eye candy if the light is right and the photographer knows what she's doing. And you do, Kate, you totally do. Get a blog, and we'll send you our legions of loyal fans. Or, become the official photographer of Roxie's World. We'll get you a corner office in the global headquarters of RW Enterprises, LLC -- Your own darkroom and everything!

Peace out, kids. Here's hoping the sun comes out tomorrow. My typist is feeling soggy in her soul, and John (our sole surviving koi) is treading the fine line between hibernation and death out in the pond in our ridiculously large back yard. Send us good news, pretty pictures, and upbeat tunes to get us through the chilly days of winter. Love you, need you -- Mean it!


  1. Roxie - this is the smallest of returns for all the pleasure you and your typist bring to this feline-dominated household! I promise you...if my Image of the Day project makes it through January, I'll take a deep deep breath and expand blog-wards. Promise.

  2. Onward, friend. In photography as in blogging, the doing is the true reward -- but a friendly audience is lovely, too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. A little research discovers that though the store has no outward and visible sign, it's called Casa (1098 1/2 St Francis Drive). Just in case anyone wants a puce illuminated dog...

  4. Indeed. Who wouldn't? Does the store have a web site, I wonder?

  5. oxoxox
    Here is some good news... the sun is out!

  6. Amen! And a strategic plan is being written, slowly . . . .


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