Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mid-Week Gay Dance Party

Do-Si-Do Edition

Economy got you down? Avoiding the semester's first set of papers because you're reluctant to dispel the happy illusion that you've got a classroom full of Einsteins on your hands? Yeah, us, too.

Forget your troubles, kids -- Let's dance! We picked this vid up over at Shakesville, by way of Portly Dyke. The production values are low, but the entertainment value is high, especially for Sapphic sisters of a certain age and all the pretty male lesbians who hang out in Roxie's World with their U-Haul dreams and their long, sad records of spectacular loves gone tragically awry. (Yes, sweet pea, we mean you.) Give it a click, have a good laugh, and we'll get back to you when we've got time to be devastatingly funny about the sucktastically bad news the world keeps offering up for our consideration. Peace out -- and yee-haw!


  1. Thanks for the linky!

    And thanks for forgiving the incredibly poor production qualities. It's kind of amazing it ever made it to video at all, as my only video source in those days was a really bad VHS camera.

  2. Hey, Portly, welcome to Roxie's World! We loved the vid, fond as we are of in-group humor and of queers seizing control of the means of cultural production. Those two things pretty much make our world go 'round.

  3. Anonymous11:26 PM EST

    Gosh, talk about feeling interpellated.

    I'm all for a Wednesday dance party, though....

  4. Well, if the dancin' shoe fits, Candy Man . . . .



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