Friday, August 01, 2008

Without You, We're Nothing

Never let it be said that the loyal members of the pack here in Roxie's World don't have their own excellent noses for news. Today's mail bag brings us these tasty treats from dogged readers all over our vast empire -- Well, from MD and MA anyway.
  • Dog-Eared Book writes in from Maddow-landia (western Mass., home of Butch Goddess Rachel Maddow) to let us know that today is Swiss Independence Day. Why is that news in Roxie's World, you ask? Because the Swiss are famous for their neutrality, and Roxie's World, as careful readers know, is officially neutral on the question of whether to vote for Barack Obama for president or stay home and catch up on e-mail on election day. Let's put our paws in the air and send a big yodel out to the Swiss as they celebrate their national day. Yep, here's to the Grutil Pact of 1291!
  • Thanks to Facebook, we have an update from our favorite Obamaniac, Eitan, on a weird local story we've been following on reports of a cougar on the campus of our own Queer the Turtle U. That's right -- a cougar! Here's the story, with vid, from the Baltimore CBS affiliate. It hasn't been confirmed yet, but police are tracking the creature on the ground and from the air. Cougars, you may or may not know, are pretty scarce in these parts. Intriguingly, the species that used to be found in the eastern part of the U.S. is known as the Eastern Puma. We were wondering if there might be any significant political implications to reports of a PUMA prowling wooded areas of the national capital area. Gives you a goosebump or two, doesn't it?
  • Speaking of the Butch Goddess, the Official Prep School Teacher of Roxie's World sent in a YouTube of Dr. Maddow smacking down Pat Buchanan on MSNBC over a quote attributed to Obama (and cited yesterday on Roxie's World). It's fun to see Rache in full-on butch/bitch mode, but we don't think the quote has been fully discredited (though there is debate about Obama's intended meaning), and we still don't think it is always racist to call Obama presumptuous. And, no, we are not defending Pat Buchanan, though there are days when he sounds a whole lot less insane than he used to.
  • Aunt Katie phoned in yesterday before coffee to make sure we caught the day's installment of Doonesbury. It's had a hilarious series this week on Rick Redfern's coverage of Obama's international trip and Joanie Caucus's reaction to Obamania and Hillary Clinton's defeat. We'll offer yesterday's strip as the eye candy for this post and cross our paws that the copyright cops don't come calling. Sh-h-h-h.
Peace out, legions, and have a glorious weekend. Keep the tips and quips a-comin'.


  1. Well the Doonesbury link took me to the site and I read all the Joanie Caucus wedding strips, which had me laughing out loud!

    In the days of gay marriage they have another interesting edge too....

    Thanks You All!

  2. Can't believe it, but I just lost my comment, Rox. So this is written with considerably less verve than that. . . .anyway, I'm in the Southern part of Maddow-landia, or South of Dog-Eared Book's Eden just off a bend in the road. . .a gorgeous spot. What a TREAT it was visiting there and also to call this up at the end of a day where we were thinking about Emily Dickinson's writings and their effect on us, rather than the Grutil Pact of 1291.

    And hey, don't the campus police think that was a "Savannah cat" (a larger-than-usual domesticated--as of 1986 or so--feline) and not a cougar? No matter. . .whatever, there's a PUMA running 'round loose in woods close to DC. That's damned amusing. . . .

    Gotta get to bed, ROX, but thanks for the big belly laugh. And do keep me posted on whether it's a cougar or Savannah.

  3. Anonymous11:16 PM EDT


    Thanks for the this post! Cartoons make the most sense, most of the time for me. So I'll comment on this one, which gets better and better the more I think about it. First of all HE is typing on his laptop -- TYPING! the whole way, while SHE is steering their course at the wheel! Second she is middle aged -- and not his third wife -- if Hillary did one thing at least she opened the door to the viability of women over 50 as friends and paradigms (give me a better word, please, than "paradigms")!

    Emily Dickinson is often rattling my mind, her words pop up, with such splendid humor AND mystery -- all at once:

    The Leaves like Women interchange
    Exclusive Confidence --
    Somewhat of nods and somewhat
    Portentous inference.

    The Parties in both cases
    Enjoining secrecy --
    Inviolable compact
    To notoriety.


  4. At risk of attending to the messenger, rather than the message, let me just thank you, Roxie, for introducing me to the phrase 'the Butch Goddess.' While I'm quite a fan of the excellent coffee, (semi) socialized medicine, laconic humour and quirky aesthetic we're onto here in Australia, life is not quite the same without American friends, the NY Times in hardcopy, Texan BBQ and and Rachel on MSNBC. I hope you're in good health, and hope to catch up around the holidays! Fi xx

  5. Comments focused on the messenger rather than the message are always welcome in Roxie's World, Fi -- They are good for my self-esteem! Delighted that you like the term "Butch Goddess," which I made up all by myself with just a teensy bit of assistance from my tall, gruff typist. Please keep us posted on what's happening in Oz. We can't wait til you're back in our neck of the woods!


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