Saturday, August 09, 2008

Shrub Legacy Secured

Attention, Clio: U.S. President George W. Bush secured his place in history today by becoming the first American president to attend Olympic competition in women's beach volleyball. That's right. After a "really, really difficult" ride on the Olympic mountain bike course, the soon-to-be-former prez stopped in to watch gold medalists Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh practice before they went on to win their 102nd straight match in their opening round match against Japan. In a sweat-soaked shirt, the president didn't look at all like a guy who needed to be worried about the Russian invasion of Georgia as he mugged for the cameras and tried a few bumps in the sand with May-Treanor. Wow, it's a pity Mount Rushmore is full, isn't it?

(Photo Credits: Mandel Ngan, Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Michael Phelps has won the first of his possible eight gold medals, setting a world record in the men's 400 individual medley. Sorry, kids, but the Summer Olympics make us all a little Goosebumpy, a little Moosebumpy, even a bit Roxie-bumpy. We just loves us them swimmers with their gorgeous bodies in their skimpy little suits slicing through the water with the greatest of ease. But, hey, we're not, like, the leaders of the free world or anything, so don't judge us for our profound superficiality, 'kay? Gotta go, kids -- The chicks are up on the starting blocks for the women's 400 IM!

On your marks, get set -- We're gone.


  1. I am loving the Olympics too Roxie. That Michael Phelps is just one amazing genetic freak!

  2. I really feel bad for George W. Bush. He seems like a genuinely nice, fun guy who got caught up in the evil plots of his father's scumbag friends when all he really wanted to do was to be America's goofy, embarrassing uncle.

  3. Well, he's certainly managed to be goofy and embarrassing. Would that he had only been our uncle and not our president.


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