Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Snacks

Gold-Medal Homo

Hooray for Australian Matthew Mitcham, the openly gay diver who won the men's 10-meter platform event yesterday in Beijing! (Advocate cover story on Mitcham is here.)

Topic for Group Discussion: Will/should Mitcham replace Daniel Vosovic (finalist on Project Runway, season 2) as Candy Man's dream date? Please weigh in in Comments.

(Photo Credit: Phil Noble, Reuters, via NYT, 8/23/08)

A Dog, a Blogger, and a Bar

No, that is not me in the photo below, and the guy in the baseball cap is not Office of Persona Management Director Mark Twain, and the bar is not Ishmael's, the seedy place around the corner from Roxie's World's global headquarters. (We make all this stuff up, you know, precisely so that The New York Times will never find us.) It's NY state political blogger Phillip Anderson, with his non-blogging dog Molly, who is featured in a Times story on bloggers going to the upcoming political conventions. The story, which also features Pam Spaulding of the awesome LGBT group blog, Pam's House Blend, is here; Anderson's post on the story is here. No, Molly is not going to Denver with Anderson. Dogs apparently are not allowed, which is why Moose, Goose, and I will be staying right here in Roxie's World this week.

Topic(s) for Group Discussion: Will Dems win if they persist in discriminating against dogs, the loyalest, most political animals on the face of the earth? Also, is there a risk or a downside to the levels of access and legitimacy bloggers are suddenly gaining in this political season? Do they run the risk of losing their independence, of becoming more and more like the insider journalists they have so relentlessly and righteously critiqued? Does the mere fact of our asking such questions prove that Roxie's World is jealous of the bigger, more influential dogs in the growing pack of political bloggers? Please weigh in in Comments.

(Photo Credit: Jacob Silberberg, New York Times, 8/24/08)


  1. Candy Man should go for the diver! Wait, what am I saying? Why can't he go for BOTH ;)

    YES, the Dems will lose if they persist in discriminating against dogs. YES, the bloggers with so much access are clearly losing their independence; too many are shrill shills. NO, Roxie's World is not asking that question out of envy. Too many liberal bloggers seem to have lost capacity for anything that even remotely smacks of objectivity, clear judgment.

    Go for the Diver, who needn't replace Daniel Vosovic, Candy Man. He can simply augment him. . . .

  2. the candy man should DEFINITELY go for the diver. Of course he would have to pull him away from his very supportive parter who was there with him and his mother after Matthew won the gold.

    Daniel V. ... for all of his cuteness... is so last season. He is out.

    And how proud are we of Matthew. He is the only openly gay male athlete in the entire Olympic games... and he is the only diver to beat the Chinese. You go boy!

  3. Anonymous9:13 PM EDT

    Thank you, Roxie! Candy Man is looking forward to his trip to Australia this coming January.

  4. "Daniel V. ... for all of his cuteness... is so last season. He is out."

    QTA is correct. This is what a boy gets for refusing to have cable: His desires are totally passé. ;-)

  5. Daniel Vosovic is a cutie, but his clothes were so blah! Give me Santino any day of the week. His Tim Gunn impersonation seals the deal.

  6. Anonymous10:00 AM EDT

    Candy Man notes that he will avoid taking dating advice from Eitan.

  7. Like Suede, Candy Man speaks of himself in the third person. Imagine the conversation if they were to go out:

    Candy Man: Candy Man does not want to go out for pizza. He prefers a nice fish.

    Suede: Suede wants pizza! He does not like fussy food.

    Candy Man: Candy Man is not fussy. He is elegant and refined and considerably thinner than Suede is.

    Suede: Is Candy Man calling Suede fat?

    Candy Man: Candy Man is leaving now. He is going back to the sports bar to see if there are any more pretty divers on TV. Good-bye.

  8. HAHAHAHA that is so funny Roxie. You made my day.

    Suede makes me nuts with all that 3rd person!


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