Monday, May 12, 2008

Rainy Monday Dog Youtubery

We hope Clinton wins West Virginia by 60 points tomorrow, and we're pleased as hell that a new Wa Po poll shows that 80% percent of Americans think the country is going to hell in a hand basket and 60% of Dems think it's hunky-dory if Hillary stays in the race, but today has been a super-sucky day on account of it won't stop raining and the vet called this morning to say she's worried about my blood tests and Moose taught her last class, which meant she was up late last night grading papers, and then went to her pretty new office and discovered it had flooded over the weekend, because of the aforementioned rain that will not stop, possibly ruining the lovely carpets and furniture that she and her crack team of homosexual decorators had picked out, and Goose's birthday is Wednesday and we haven't figured out what if anything to do to celebrate the fact that the Ancient of Days is -- still, again, always -- much, much older than Moose is, and so, the thing is, it's really quite impossible for us to weigh in on the burning questions of whether Hillary Clinton is a genocidal racist or, really, just a very tired woman speaking the demographic truth of this election, which is that working-class whites are voting for her in greater numbers than they are voting for her opponent, who is being voted for by large numbers of African-American people, which is apparently okay to say unless you happen to be one of the people running for president, but it's all rather much for an old dog with a leaky heart and achy hips and a possibly messed-up immune system to take in right now, and so we are just going to pass along this random bit of amusing rainy day dog youtubery sent to us by our dear friend Dudley, whose renewed attention to his roles as Deputy Internets Troller and Moral Arbiter of Roxie's World we greatly, greatly appreciate, because, frankly, we are too tired to try to make sense of it all for you right now, kids, and so we invite you, once again, to curl up, click, laugh, and imagine your own Sisyphean efforts to endure in a world that doesn't supply nearly enough sliding boards for dogs, or people, or other living, struggling things:

Carry on, children. Know that you are loved. Be loving in return.


  1. I'm thinking about you, sis! I don't want anything to be wrong with your blood. :( Remember to tell Moose that you're older than she is, at least in dog years!

  2. Anonymous9:38 AM EDT


    I was going to leave a comment following up on Goose's apparently Methuselanian age with a statement of surprise that she is getting EVEN OLDER THAN SHE ALREADY IS!!! But my human put the kibosh on that. Rather grumpily, I thought, and wondered why. Until the human pointed out (harumph!) that she herself is (ahem!) rather older than Goose!

    So, Roxie, I'm pretty sure Moose got into the write-up this time. That bit about Goose's birthday is pure Roxie, but the "Ancient of Days" stuff? Reread the blog entry--sure that's not Moosean editorializing?

    Anyway, Happy birthday, Goose! Even if she is just a young whippersnapper.

    And Roxie, good luck with those blood tests. It is never--trust me on this--a good idea to inspire interest in your veterinarian. But let us trust whatever is wrong can be adjusted. I raise my hydralazine / proin / glucosamine / chondroitin cocktail to your continued good health.


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