Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lazy Sunday Photo Blogging

Top Five Reasons the Sunday Post You've Waited for the Entire Day Is All Photos and No Content:

1. After Friday night's references to drunkenness and bitterness in Roxie's World, we felt it best to take a deep, cleansing breath and reassure readers that we hadn't lost perspective. Plus, I wanted to show you that Moose had sobered up enough to hold a camera steady.

2. For some strange reason, the Clinton campaign excluded the most famous pro-Hillary dog blogger in America from Friday's big conference call with the candidate, so I have absolutely nothing to say on that burning subject. Anglachel was in on the call, of course. Go read her recap. Ditto Reclusive Leftist. And Taylor Marsh, who has a podcast of the call up. We assume the Clinton team will be in touch soon, when they start scheduling the call with rabidly pro-Hillary dog bloggers. We're waiting, kids.

3. My typist has a stack of papers to grade and gave me a grouchy look when I suggested even an itty-bitty post, maybe just to make sure y'all had seen the piece in the NYT speculating on who America's first woman president might be if it doesn't turn out to be HRC. We're still holding out hope, of course, but it's an interesting line of rumination nonetheless.

4. It's been ages since my legions of adoring fans have been treated to a photo of yours truly, and with recent references to concerns about my health we thought you might like to see evidence that I am alive and still faithfully patrolling the ridiculously large back yard. We know what an anxious bunch you are.

5. Besides, the ridiculously large back yard is looking ridiculously lush these days, thanks to all the rain we've been grousing about off and on this spring. The moms -- who take no credit whatsoever for the design, execution, or maintenance of the space variously termed the Darwin Garden, Jurassic Park, or the South 40 -- are feeling a sense of delight with how their not so little postage stamp of soil is shaping up. Let's just hope Mother Nature keeps the moisture and mild temps coming.

And so we pass along to you a little photo essay by Moose that we might call "Springtime in Roxie's World." Enjoy. Imagine yourselves sipping a cool drink on the patio by the pond, which we call the Aquabar, because we are inordinately fond of naming things around here. Have some virtual guacamole, which has no calories but lots of garlic, because that's the way Moose likes it. Peace out, beloveds.

Picture 1: America's favorite dog blogger checks the perimeter of the pond, while wondering, "Do these collars make me look fat?"

Picture 2: The irises by the fish pond.

Photo 3:
The rhodies in the midland region of the yard.

Photo 4: In the background, the sweet little Japanese maple by the pond. In the foreground, um, you know, plants.


  1. Anonymous9:20 PM EDT

    Gardens don't weed themselves, Roxie. Who does your Eden?

    No, the collar doesn't make you look fat.

  2. Anonymous10:21 PM EDT

    Um, Roxie -- are those Sweet William in the foreground? Ya know, next to the Sedum which is clearly muscling in for the rest of the summer? Looks lovely, Rox. Hope you enjoy every square inch.

  3. Believe it or not, Dudley, the moms are so horticulturally impaired that when Goose started pulling up something that she thought might be weeds this afternoon, Moose made her stop and call Kathy, palace gardener, to ask her to stop by and verify that they were in fact weeds. I am not kidding.

    And thanks for the ID on the Sweet William, DEB. We had nailed the Sedum, which is epic in size this year, but we weren't sure about the other. And you should see the hostas we've got going on the west side of the yard -- gargantuan! Amazing what a damp spring will do for Roxie's World.

  4. Anonymous8:00 AM EDT

    Roxie, you look as lovely as your sweet garden! Happy spring to you and moose and goose! - RA

  5. Dear niece,
    Just plants...???? Your moms shoud start some 13 steps program on green thumb rehab. At least they could get some chlorophyll-ed varnish of sensitivity. Can't wait till your garden starts blogging!

    Aunt isa

    PS: Can't we at least have a celebratory happy hour to enjoy the springy view? You know, some of us are graduating this Friday! (wink, wink)

  6. i have to agree looking very lovely
    sweet william
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  7. Anonymous12:03 PM EDT

    Random thoughts from Spudz:

    WNBA – WTF is the deal with the new ad campaign? They have Candice and Tamika just bashing the league only to put up a tagline at the end, “She wouldn’t say that, would you?” Terrible. At least they showed some highlights, because both of those women could play in ANY b-ball league in the world.

    Doris Burke – For those not familiar, Doris has been working her way through the ESPN boy’s club since 1991 and is finally getting some good airtime, although they did stick her with covering the draft lottery last night, subjecting us to the inane drivel from Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy. Her analysis is top notch and she’s one of the few that I don’t mute immediately.


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