Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday on the Streets of Kyoto

Postcard from Japan (#6)

Dear Rox and LLF,

Don't get all excited, kids, because this isn't going to be much of a post. Goose, the Bostonian, and I are getting ready to head off to Nara today (Monday), so I can't hang out here at the computer all day. Sometimes, in order to blog about the vacation, a girl actually has to go out and do a little vacating, you know? Nara is like Six Flags Over Buddhism or something. It's even got the world's tallest Buddha statue, so you know we have to see that. The guidebooks all say so, the American Express travel office said so, and the Bostonian's girlfriend insisted, so away we all shall go, as soon as I post and brush my teeth. The guidebook didn't tell me to do that; I came up with the idea of dental hygiene all by myself.

Yesterday our merry band of middle-aged white chicks hit the streets of Kyoto for more shopping and general exploration. We ended up in the area around Terramachi Street, which has a covered arcade of shops that were mostly tacky, but it was interesting to watch the crowds of non-tourist folks hanging out on a Sunday afternoon. After shopping, we wandered into the Gion district, famous for the tradition of geishas. We had dinner at a lovely spot along the river. We dined al fresco with the din of some kind of market on the river's edge as our background music. The food was Asian with a French twist. Goose had a delicate fish roll with hammo and lobster, the Bostonian had a rather extraordinary tuna "spare rib" (who knew there was such a thing?), and I had pork in a subtle pistachio sauce. We lingered at the table over sake and desserts. My companions, having now signed onto the green-tea project with gusto, ordered a green-tea pannacotta, while I sampled the sherbet of the day.

Here are a few snaps from the day, including a couple of the market by the river. I think the one of me is absolutely hideous, but I thought it was important for readers to see Moose and Goose together on the streets of Japan. Note to self: Next trip has to be to a more hair-friendly destination.

Love to all,

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