Thursday, August 23, 2007

Just Sayin'

No time for devastatingly insightful commentary today, kids. My typist has a 10 o'clock meeting on campus and is still in her nightgown, but here's a little something to watch and contemplate as you ask yourselves the burning question: When the heck is Roxie's World going to stop pretending that it's still "neutral" in the Democratic primary race and make its endorsement already? Patience, children, patience. You know such a move will require a series of high-level meetings involving the creative division, the political team, and the geeks over in Clicks and Eyeballs. Plus, my typist still has that syllabus to finish. Cool your jets. Watch this video. And let us know if you think Michelle Obama was making a swipe at Hillary when she said recently, "If you can't run your own house, you can't run the White House."


  1. Anonymous2:10 PM EDT

    Hey, Rox! Spuds here. It’s been a long time, huh? Remember when I was doing that commercial shoot in D.C. and we...well, I came across your little corner of the interwebs and am glad to see you're doing well.

    The moms sound like cool; sounds like you’ve got a pretty good gig going. Times have been tough for old Spuds. The beer guys got their noses rubbed it in because some bigwigs though they were using me to market to kids so they terminated my contract. I’ve gotten some work here and there but my heyday has past.

    I was curious to find that you have yet to make mention of the Michael Vick case. Obviously, the dog fighting isn’t going to sit well with any fellow canine but I thought you might take a look at the others sides to the issue – race, athletes, professional sports in America.

    What is it about this that has struck such a chord of disgust? I find it hard to believe that it’s really about animal abuse. I mean, I didn’t hear anyone complaining when Anheiser-Busch was crating me up in the cargo hold of a 757 for a cross country flight 3 times a week. You think getting stuck between a fat guy and an incessant chatter is bad? Try spending 4 hours in your own feces.

    You don’t see this kind of public outcry for justice against illegal whaling or the lady who keeps 72 cats in her 1 bedroom loft or the “humane” society, who kills innocent animals every day. Those causes only resonate with fringe elements but it seems society as a whole is ready to put Vick right up there with Osama on the most evil list (and G.W., in some circles {pandering to the crowd}).

    The question has to be asked, what if this was a white man? What is this was Peyton Manning or Tom Brady? I mean, even the NFLPA, whose duty is to protect their members’ right to work, won’t even touch this. Now the NFLPA is another topic all together, but I’ll try to remain on the current one.

    Rox, I know your more sporting than the average bitch, surely you have something to say on the topic of race, sports, dog fighting, and professional athletes.

  2. Anonymous3:22 PM EDT

    Dear Rox,

    On running the White House . . .

    That Hillary faced into the Lewinsky calamity, by getting elected as the first female U.S. Senator from New York, is what should tell every working housewife, mom, or married business woman to vote for her! And if the guys want their wives to stand by their man, they would do well, to check the box next to Hillary that says "superlative example."

    A MUST SEE!!!!!!! Hillary Clinton political cartoon by the best female cartoonist out there, Ann Telnaes. It's a mustachioed Hillary (supposedly drawn by Rove), looking a lot like Salvador Dali — see at Women's eNews.


    scroll down right for the link to

    Some fun photos of Dali, et al


    P.S. My weblog ideas have gone the way of summer flowers, being too weak to stand the heat, they have wilted! Thus as good as the idea seemed at first, I'm back to anonymous — THANKS ROXIE — for providing that option here!

  3. Anonymous9:21 PM EDT

    Sorry, Roxie, but I'm not convinced Michelle Obama's line is worthy of the same level of alarm as, say, the arrival of the mail carrier AGAIN! TODAY! after I TOLD him yesterday this is MY yard! Either greet the dog (biscuits are nice) or don't mess with the dog's mailbox, that's my motto.

    Where was I? Oh yeah, Michelle Obama's line. Well, it could be a slap at Hillary. But if so, why is that a problem? Everybody's taking swipes at everybody. Hillary and Bill have taken a few at Obama. Fact is, Bill is in some ways an advantage for Hillary, in some ways not so much. But the line is also one that has legs, in that it gets picked up and quoted all over the place, bringing more attention to Obama. Which is the point. It is also usable against most of the Republican field, should it come to that, since the Obamas (like the Clintons) are still on their first marriage. Unlike all those pro-family Republicans. Do we want a White House run like Rudy seems to run his marriages?

    So the view from here is that it was a good, general, quotable line, just ambiguous enough to get attention. And of course, everyone's getting distracted by it, so no one's asking about, say, the details of the candidates' health care plans.

    Now I have to stop, because my human wants the computer--something about a syllabus. Your human and my human need to get over this syllabus thing, in my view. It just distracts humans from their real job, which is (DUH!) paying attention to the dog.

  4. Quick reply to Spuds: Good to see you back here, buddy! I did do a Michael Vick post when the story first broke. Just click here:


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