Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Pug Love

What, you were expecting a 3,000-word post on Michael Jackson's life, death, and pop cultural legacy? Perhaps a super-snarky Sarah Palin follow-up? Not today, kids. Nope, today, thanks to my brother Geoffrey, it's all PUGS here in Roxie's World. Why?

1. Because pink is pretty.
2. Because I am confident that a significant number of my readers like sentimental musical backgrounds played on toy pianos. I could name names, but I won't.
3. Because pugs are grossly underrepresented not only in the culture generally but, we are sorry to say, right here in Roxie's World. Today, we begin to make amends to this noble if weird-looking breed.
4. Because every once in awhile we are willing to violate one of the cardinal rules of the companion species contract that usually pertains around here -- you know, the one about not putting dogs in ridiculous anthropomorphosized situations for the entertainment of humans. We do so, because, um, because, well, it can be funny, and we'll bend or break pretty much any rule for the sake of a good laugh.
5. Because my typist's sabbatical seems to be off to a slow start -- by which I mean she doesn't have time for a proper post because she'll be spending much of the day on campus today in all likelihood not thinking Deep Thoughts about the Hugely Important Book on Blogging That Is Going to Save the Humanities and Bankroll a Comfortable Retirement. She has a meeting, and I have a nap to take.

It's blog fodder, kids, plain and simple. Enjoy, and we'll catch up with you soon. Take it away, pugs!

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  1. The parasol just pushes me over the edge! I want to take a trip to Portland, if only to rub Ms. Jenny's yummy tummy!


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