Sunday, March 08, 2009

Twenty-Five Years of Queer Delight

If I could let you know --

two women together is a work
nothing in civilization has made simple,

two people together is a work
heroic in its ordinariness,

the slow-picked, halting traverse of a pitch
where the fiercest attention becomes routine

-- look at the faces of those who have chosen it.

Happy Silver Anniversary to Moose and Goose! The Creative Division here in Roxie's World decided it would be impossible to top last year's anniversary post for side-splitting relational hilarity (audience studies show that many of our loyal readers still wander through the produce aisle humming a song the moms discuss in that interview, "We Buy Fruit and Watch It Rot"), so we just decided to toss up some borrowed words, iconic images, and -- of course -- a Springsteen love song to make sure you all get a little verklempt while you read this. Go on, you sweet, sentimental fools. Click on the vid. We have to go make clam dip for this afternoon's basketball game/not-quite-an-anniversary-party event. (The moms are feeling a little retro today, so they've decided to serve clam dip and Rolling Rock as an homage to their early days on the Jersey shore, when money was tight and good taste was a sign of false consciousness. Wev.)

You know what, Mr. Springsteen? On their best days, the moms feel like a really awesome band that has stuck together through thick and thin because deep in the bottom of their rocked-out hearts they know they'd never sound as good or have nearly as much fun with anybody else. Tell the nice people how it's done, Boss:


  1. Anonymous11:10 AM EDT

    You know, Rox, it suddenly seems clear that all Thelma and Louise needed was a *dog*! Happy Anniversary to all, and Go Terps! Hope you get the gift you've been angling for.

  2. Thanks so much, Dog-Eared Book.

    And Rox, ole Moose has waited for me every single time, carried my skiis down the slope when my wrist was broken, sung "Thunder Road" to me in ICU when I needed to be sure I could/would make it, ordered me breakfast at midnight with coffee AND beer the very first year I was on the job market (remember, Spike told you what babies we were) and didn't think I could go through all those interviews. She told me I could Row in Eden, and, more importantly, she said so in a way that made me believe that indeed I could. And indeed, I could, and have. I have always tried to do the same for her. And for you.

    Here's to "What Love Can Do" (now I know why that's just about the only song I like off of the new Bruce & E Street).

    Always yours,

  3. Anonymous11:47 PM EDT

    Hey Roxie, you dear old dog, tell your moms this: that from someone who 'knows what this world can do,' who had to give up waiting a long time ago -- 25 years ain't easy. Tell them, well done...

  4. You are so right, DEB, that T&L needed a dog, for purposes of protection, loyalty, and general companionship. The moms have had a dog for nearly 15 years and not once have they had to shoot a rapist, rob a convenience store, or drive off the edge of a cliff, though they did take a hike in the Grand Canyon in '87 that was almost as disastrous as T&L's brief visit. But that happened before they had a dog -- so you see my point.

    Thanks for the good wishes, Aunt Margie. Wish you both had been here today to cheer the Lady Terps on to their hard-fought, glorious victory. What a magnificent day it was in Roxie's World!

  5. And all of you can see why I will always wait for Moose, and I'm pretty damned sure she'll always wait for me.

  6. Anonymous1:13 PM EDT

    Congrats Moose and Goose! You are an inspiration!
    Hugs, Beck and Tee

  7. Anonymous1:58 PM EDT

    Happy Anniversary Auntie M's!

    This Bud's for you!

  8. Thanks for the good wishes, Spudz. The aunties raise a glass to you and yours, too. :-)

  9. Happy Anniversary, LLadies of Llangollen!

  10. Anonymous1:12 PM EDT

    Happy Anniversary! Any many more. Which one of you is Lucy and which one Ethel?

  11. Some secrets cannot be revealed, Historiann, even in the shockingly frank space of Roxie's World. Oh, okay, if you insist. The truth is, the moms fight all the time over who is Lucy and who is Ethel. Occasionally, they fight over who is Lucy and who is Ricky. And I don't think either of them has a CLUE about who is Gert and who is Alice. Thelma and Louise? Well, when they're in the car, whoever is driving is Thelma. Not sure why, but the one who is riding will often say something like,"Good driving, Thelma," or, "You might want to take it down to Mach 1, Thelma." That's usually before the cop pulls them over.


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