Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Moms Take Manhattan

Apologies for the prolonged blog silence, children, but the moms were up in the Big Apple for the past few days, attending a conference, torturing the late-night front desk manager at the Algonquin (who ultimately threw up her hands and let Goose into the back office to print out Moose's conference paper because no one else could manage to do it), drinking many cocktails in the Algonquin's beautiful lobby bar, and lavishly launching the orgy of celebration that will culminate this Friday in Moose's entry into the Second Half Century of Her Life. (Yes, an elegant dinner party was had. Toasts were made. Poems read. Tears shed. Embarrassing photographs of long-forgotten prom dresses and unfortunate 1970s hairdos were displayed, on a large-screen TV. Thank-you notes will be written.)

Anyway, spring (not really a) break has left the moms feeling as flat as poor little Vermont was against Connecticut this afternoon. Here are a few random snaps from the weekend. We'll catch up with you soon, kids. Meantime, here's hoping your brackets are in tact and your flowers are in bloom. And that all dog's children are escorted into middle age by a pack of splendid, generous friends. Love you. Mean it.

Photo One: Café Un Deux Trois -- The moms make a point of dining here when they're in New York because Moose likes the paper tablecloths and the crayons. The steaks aren't bad either, but, really, the crayons and the charming, attentive servers are the highlights. Oh, and "ED" is Emily Dickinson, of course.

Photo Two: Driving up Sixth Ave. on what felt like the first day of spring, though it was technically the second.

Photo Three: Strolling on Times Square, same day.

Photo Four: Of course the Sign Ladies made it back to Comcast on Sunday afternoon in time to see the Lady Terps make their NCAA tournament debut with an easy win over Dartmouth. Kristi Toliver scored 27 points and spent a lot of the second half sitting on the bench with a beatific smile on her face. Way to go, women!


  1. I wish I could have been with the sign ladies, Roxie! Liz and Chris don't have a television, so I had to update constantly. Fortunately it wasn't a nail biter!

  2. Definitely not a nail biter, but I hope you can tune in tomorrow -- Moose has to TEACH during the Utah game. Ah, the injustice of it all!

    But, hey, if you don't have teevee, that probably means you don't know what male character died in the season finale of BIG LOVE! For a price, we might keep our traps shut, but it will cost you. Times are tough. ;-)


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