Saturday, March 28, 2009

All On Her Shoulders

Shoulders: 42
Rest of Maryland Team: 36
78 = Just barely enough to move on to an Elite Eight meeting with Louisville (32-4)

We hear you, Riss. We were screaming, too. And what were we screaming? One word:


Shoulders' ferocious determination was inspiring, even awe-inducing. Read all about it here, kids. We are still too traumatized to type, but the Cannibal Terps live to feast another day. Praise dog! Praise Shoulders! Pass the ketchup -- We've got Cardinals to eat!

(Photo Credit: Ellen Ozier, Reuters)


  1. Pass the ketchup indeed--WOW. My hair turned white this afternoon. . . .chow down, Cannibal Terps!!!

    Thank dog for Marissa Coleman. Keep steppin' up, Mighty Women!!!

  2. Anonymous6:53 PM EDT

  3. Feel like I need to represent the Louisville Cardinals here. I am indeed a big fan of the Cards, both Women's and Men's program. Go Cards!!!

  4. That game stressed me out hardcore. Thank dog, indeed, for Shoulders and her magnificent save! 42 points... all on her own... that is just crazy/ brilliant/ genius/ stunning! I was in awe of her power. Louisville will be tough, but hopefully this near loss will snap our women back into it. I mean, Shoulders can't do it all... or can she? Wow!

  5. Hey, Lorla, welcome to Roxie's World! Happy to see you, even if you did commit the cardinal (as it were) sin of expressing support for the team that stands between Shoulders and the Final Four. Under any other circumstances, we would welcome a show of love for a team from Moose's home turf, but for now, well, the Cannibal Terps must be fed, and Cardinals are the next thing on the menu. Let the grilling begin! ;-)

  6. I sure hope the Cardinal Women didn't watch the men's team today. Holy Crap. Sad...very sad.

  7. Well, I'd be lying if I didn't acknowledge that I'm hoping what was good for the gander turns out to be good for the goose -- er, cardinal. Wev. You know.


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