Friday, March 06, 2009


(Photo Credit: Christopher Blunck, DC Sports Box)

Kristi Toliver named ACC Women's Basketball Player of the Year!

Lynetta Kizer named ACC Freshman of the Year!

Terps win first regular season ACC title since 1989!

Terps tip off TODAY as #1 seed in ACC conference tournament in quest of first conference championship since 1989!

How does senior Marissa "Shoulders" Coleman feel about the team's chances?
We are playing so well right now; we have so much confidence in our game and each others' games right now. Honestly, I think the only reason we could lose is if we beat ourselves.
Will the Non-Lady Terps even make it to the Big Dance? Don't know. Can't say. Outlook: Hazy.

Will the unemployment rate reach 10% before the end of the NCAA tournament? Don't know. Can't say. Outlook: So grim we refuse to think about it lest it mess with our basketball buzz.

Gotta go, kids. Action is underway in Greensboro, and the Terps are down by two. Clearly, they need us to be concentrating.

Go, Terps!


  1. Well they almost gave me a heart attack, Rox, and I got in trouble with Moose for yelling too loud. But I tell myself that a close game like this was actually good for them. They have a tendency to take teams for granted and they MUST stop doing that. Was glad to see a lot of folks scoring, too.

    GO MIGHTY TERP WOMEN -- TERP WOMEN RULE, and FEAR THE BRENDA, who did an awesome job of coaching today down the s-t-r-e-t-c-h.

  2. "Once we got the lead, I think we crushed their confidence a little bit and ours went up." So said Marissa Coleman. Nothing would be finer than to beat Caroliner. . . .



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