Monday, March 23, 2009

Terp Women Rule YOU

From today's press avail at Comcast, regarding Maryland's second-round game against Utah:

"Kristi and Marissa, this is your last home game tomorrow night. How are you going to feel knowing that this will be the last game you will play at Maryland?"

"It is exciting that my last home game will be an NCAA Tournament game so it's going to be a great environment. The fans that we had come out last night were great and I'm sure they will all be out tomorrow, so knowing that makes the game that much more exciting."

"It will be a great environment, it is sad that it will actually be the last game that we play here in Comcast, but hopefully we have the same fan base that we have had our entire career and they will come out and support our team tomorrow against Utah."


Because Shoulders and KT are counting on you and deserve your support.

Because Moose has to teach tomorrow night and will have to miss the game!

Because the first 100 QTU students to show up will get free pizza! (Tickets are free for students, too.)

Because non-service dogs are inexplicably barred from the Comcast Center, which means your favorite basketball-mad blogging dog will not be there either. (Don't worry. I will watch it on my Paw Pilot from the comfort of home.)

Because nothing brightens up a Tuesday evening in March like watching a bunch of strong, sweaty women play their hearts out to bring glory to their team and their school. Nothing.

Be there or be square, sports fans.

By Order of the Division of Sports and Leisure, RW Enterprises, LLC.


  1. You bet, baby -- and the Dukies are O-U-T! If GA Tech loses tonight, Maryland will be the sole surviving ACC team.


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