Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voters Drink Free

Update, 11:02 p.m.:

(Photo Credit: We'll never tell, though DC-area readers may recognize it. Hint: Close to White House, excellent crab dip, and the plot for Iran-Contra was hatched there. It looks a little snazzier than the "seedy yet cozy" image we've been conjuring up for Ishmael's, the bar around the corner from the global headquarters of RW Enterprises, LLC, but what the hey -- We're feeling festive!))

Open Bar! Open Thread!

Whatcha drinkin'?

Whatcha thinkin'?

Who ya watchin'?

We'll try to update, but Moose and Mark Twain are already hunkered down at the bar, fighting over fried mozzarella sticks and the sociopolitical implications of America having a biracial president. Goose has been helping out in the kitchen at Ishmael's this afternoon, preparing hearty casseroles to keep the nervous crowd of profs, students, and neighbors fat and happy.

Remember: Moose says we'll know who the winner is by 7:51. Goose says it'll be 8:13. Eitan is betting on 8:14. What do you predict?

Love you, fellow citizens and loyal fans. Let us know what's on your minds -- and hearts -- tonight.

Update, 7:03 p.m.: McCain leads 8-3 in electoral votes based on ABC projections of his winning Kentucky and Obama taking Vermont. "Oh, no!" Goose shrieks. "Get the razor blades!" Our tongue-in-cheek drama queen. George Stephanopoulos' tie is crooked! We may need to change the channel. . . .What is Rachel wearing?

Update, 9:07 p.m.: The CNN bloviators are having a somber discussion about race in America. Friends, the fat lady is about to sing.


  1. What is Rachel wearing, indeed! I have such a big gay crush on her . . .

    Methinks it will be much later than 8:13 or 8:14 when they finally call this horse race. I think it's more around 10 or 11.

    And I know the bar to which you refer in your opening. They have great oysters and a faboo steak salad.

  2. Anonymous7:58 PM EST

    I'm here to thank you Rox! for all the hard work you've put into your blog for the PAST YEAR AND A HALF, politically, most brilliantly!! Will be checking in again this evening to see what pronouncements you and your moms and others in comments might make as regards our Progressive FUTURE!


  3. You are so kind, EI. Thanks for reading and commenting and caring so passionately about the things that matter. We love having you in our pack.

    Meanwhile, we wait for the votes to get counted in Lake County, IN!

  4. Anonymous8:32 PM EST

    Just saw video of Rachel teaching Martha Stewart how to make Joe Rickeys: Tall glass, filled with ice. Add 2 oz. bourbon. Squeeze half a lime; top with seltzer. Or reverse the last two steps. Can't remember and I'm not going back to the video.

    Anyway, I'm sure Peter Coffin knows how to make one, so tell him to get to mixing. I'm thirsty.

  5. Comin' up. Want some crab dip with that? And maybe some results from northern VA?

  6. I agree with Geoffrey. about 11 p.m. I am drinking water... thinking that they need to call Mississippi (come on who are they kidding), also thinking that Indiana really may turn after all. Watching CNN and MSNBC back and forth along with all of them on the nets. Wishing... it would all end happily. Worried about all the anti-gay ballot measures that are winning.

  7. ABC just called Ohio for Obama

  8. All right, I'll say it: GOBAMA!

    But what is happening on Prop 8???

  9. don't know yet... but florida's anti-gay ballot measure is winning and Arkansas' measure to ban gay adoption is winning.

  10. Note to self (and fellow citizens): Still many more ceilings to break.


  11. Anonymous9:51 PM EST

    Hi all, wish I could join you, especially since it looks like it won't even be a late night on the East Coast waiting this one out. They called Ohio at 7:--what the hell am I going to do with the rest of my evening? (Oh yeah: Check on Colorado and local races, and stay up to see what happens on 8 in CA.)

    Cheers! We're drinking Dale's Pale Ale here tonight.

  12. Trade you a cup of crab dip for a slice of election cake, Historiann? With a dollop of gay marriage on the side? Crazy country we've got, eh?

  13. Anonymous10:45 PM EST

    Somewhere I read that the "Full Figured Lady" was about to sing! - in our very expression - a whole new way of seeing things!

  14. YAY!!!!!!! I've got to say this is pretty cool.

  15. Anonymous11:18 PM EST

    GREAT news: The good people of the 4th district of Colorado have delivered a humiliation of epic proportions to our "hate the gays" congresswoman, Marilyn Musgrave. Her challenger Betsy Markey has beat the pantsuit off of her by a (so far) nearly 20-point margin (58 to 39, with 61% of precincts reporting.) If we dumb hicks can do that in Colorado, then how can Prop 8 pass in CA?

  16. Deep Thought:

    Obama ended up winning both Florida AND Michigan!

  17. Deep Impatience:

    We are still waiting on the Moosian states of Indiana and North Carolina. Slow at math, I guess.

  18. And Tar Heels, too, I think!

    But it looks like a bad night for the cause of marriage equality. More on that later. My typist has a class this morning.

  19. How bittersweet this is. We have the first black president elect but anti-gay propositions passed in three different states (California, Florida, Arkansas). Many rivers to cross, indeed, but 'tis so wonderful that at least we've made it across one big one!

    Onward -- here's to equality for all!

    Peace out,


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