Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Say Something Nice

We like this ad:

It's exactly the kind of thing Obama needs to be doing in the midst of an epic meltdown in the financial markets. Simplify the set. Strip out the fancy graphics. Drop the preacher's voice. Look right at the camera, and let people know that you are hearing them, taking it in, and prepared to respond. Except for the hopey-changey crap near the end about unity and getting past bitter partisan fights, we wholeheartedly approve this message. We loves us some bitter partisan fights, kids, and we want our Dems to be ready to rumble from Day One.

Oh, and check out this strat memo thoughtfully prepared for Obama by battle-scarred Dem William Galston. It is excellent. Our favorite passage?

This is not about you alone; it's a matter of political responsibility. Millions of Americans have invested their hopes and dreams in you, and you owe it to them to campaign effectively, which isn't happening right now. Yes, the McCain campaign is replete with exaggerations, evasions, and outright fabrications. It's your responsibility to defeat them, not complain about them. If this means listening to advice you don't want to hear, and getting out of the "comfort zone," so be it.

Like we said: Take off the gloves, dude.

This post certified Palineologism-free, but we can't resist dropping in a tasty morsel of Paliniana (oh, oops -- accidental Palineologism!) that dropped into our in-box today, even if everyone else in the world has already seen it:

We are still not making an endorsement of Obama/Boredom, but the havoc in the financial markets is a sobering reminder that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to give Republicans four more years to wreak economic destruction. (But remember our current, official position on the presidential election: If you live in a swing state, vote early, vote often, and vote Democratic.) Mostly, though, we felt like giving a little bit of mid-week love to all the Obamaniacs in our pack. We hope the latest Times/CBS poll is relieving some of your recent stress. Y'all are good dogs, too, and Roxie's World hearts every single one of you. Peace out.

P.S. To the person or persons who finally succeeded in getting us hooked on Project Runway: Thank dog Joe can finally go home and spend more time with his kids! We were over his straight-guy-among-the-fashion-queens act weeks ago. Sayonara, sucker. But, seriously, folks, can we talk about the truly nasty ageist comments directed at the moms featured in tonight's episode? I tell you, it was almost enough to get the aging bitches in this house up off the couch in indignation. Almost.


  1. Anonymous7:59 PM EDT

    Oh, bestill my doggie heart! Roxie has the ad for a black man like me on her blog. I can barely hear, but I managed to maneuver my way over here to give you a woof, woof, woof for Barry's ad. With fifty-eight more days to go, surely an endorsement remains a possibility. . . .I'll keep reading, when I can. I'm a denied doggie with no computer or email address of my own. Sigh.

  2. Homer, have you considered reporting your human(s) to the ASPCA over your lack of computer access? I mean, that is serious cruelty in the 21st century!


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