Friday, September 05, 2008

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

. . .and we've had a long, interesting week in Roxie's World. Let's cut our afternoon classes and repair immediately to Ishmael's, the seedy yet cozy bar right around the corner from the global headquarters of RW Enterprises, LLC, and have ourselves a couple of tall ones. Mark Twain and Moose are already there, fighting over who gets the last of the fried mozzarella sticks. Goose will be over as soon as she finishes her latest scholarly article of earth-shattering importance. Historiann and Eitan are huddled together in a booth at the back, having a quiet conversation about communications strategy for the home stretch of the presidential campaign. I'm curled up on my special spot right by the fireplace, where an old dog goes to get warm on even the hottest afternoon.

C'mon now, kids -- Join us! We can talk about old times -- You remember -- the good old days before Dems were kicking the crap out of each other in the most bruising primary fight in recorded history, back when Republicans were the source of all pain and evil in the universe. We can dream together about the better world we are all trying to build -- You know, the one with universal health care, free tampons, a sane environmental policy, and peace everlasting. Oh, and dogs allowed in restaurants everywhere, not just in France.

Belly up to the bar, kids. Half-price specials on the deconstructed martini for grad students. What's that, you ask? A shot of vodka with a bowl of olives on the side, or, as the moms like to call it, "dinner."

Sit down here next to us, and tell us what's on your minds. You know dogs and bartenders are the greatest listeners in the world.

Oh, and if you can't join us right away, amuse yourself with this brilliant bit from Jon Stewart, who revels in the irony of Republicans having realized that their deck has a gender card in it after all:


  1. Yahaha! WONDERFUL to find this, Rox. Goose will soon be over to Ishmael's, just as soon as she's finished--you guessed correctly (about writing anyway)--the chapter she's working on. I'll be having an un-deconstructed martini, by the way ;)

  2. It's a tall order for a DC Jewish Democrat and a history professor to do anything resembling "quiet," but thanks for the vote of confidence!

  3. Anonymous4:27 PM EDT

    Great fun with comedy central -- Thanks Roxie!

    I was interested to see how cartoonist Ann Telnaes put Palin together — all legs and guns!! here at Washington Post.

  4. See, kids -- Everything's better with a fantasy beer in a fantasy bar! Where even the fried mozzarella sticks are calorie-free.

    Peace reigns in Roxie's World.

  5. Anonymous10:07 AM EDT

    Thanks for the invite--I was out last night with Homostorian Americanist and ej rather loudly discussing Dem election strategy over coctails, wine, and dinner. H.A., ej, and I are disturbed that the polls are so close. Adversity breeds solidarity, I think.

  6. Well, I couldn't seem to find Ismael's. I'd be happy to be there regularly if you all are. I did manage to get to a lovely social event last night with fine people, and a slightly overlapping consituency though....

    I adored this vid. This is my idea of political humor at its best!

    My hat off to Daily Show & Roxie's World.

    Lots of Love, Katie

  7. It's easy to find Ishmael's. Close your eyes, click your heels together three times, and say, "I desperately need a drink in a seedy yet congenial little spot," and -- presto! -- you're there. And you know you'll always find someone from Roxie's World there, Aunt Katie!

    Thanks for stopping by, Historiann. Since it's pretty early in your time zone, perhaps you'd like a mimosa rather than your usual pisco sour. ;-) Later we'll crack open a bottle of something special to wish Homostorian Americanist a happy birthday.

    As for those polls, yikes, yes, they are tight!


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