Monday, January 25, 2010

POTUS Reads Blogs

(Barack Obama, as a presidential candidate, on his BlackBerry, 2008. Photo Credit: Jae C. Hong, Associated Press, via)

Note from the Office of Chopped Liver and Potted Plants

The "first truly wired president" reads blogs. Gay blogs even, apparently, but he prefers this one to this one, apparently. Are we bitter? Nah. Who's got time for that? We were tickled pink to stumble across this little nugget in a WaPo front pager this morning on what influences President Obama's decision-making:
As for what Obama reads online, his advisers said he looks for offbeat blogs and news stories, tracking down firsthand reporting and seeking out writers with opinions about his policies. Obama was particularly interested in Atlantic Online's Andrew Sullivan's tweeting of the Iranian elections last year, said an aide, who requested anonymity to discuss what influences the president.
Hmmm. Offbeat blogs? And a blog on politics, pop culture, and basketball written by a dead dog hasn't managed to catch your attention? Srsly? All due respect, Mr. President, but we've got it all over Mr. Andrew Sullivan when it comes to offbeat. It's true we don't have a snooty British accent, but we also don't have a history with the Republican party and a deeply obnoxious tendency to sound as pontifical as a big gay . . . pontiff. We realize there may be lingering sensitivity in the White House over our stubborn refusal to endorse you in the 2008 campaign, but if, as the Post story says, you are actively seeking "rival views" and enjoy "the rigor of having a conversation with someone who's going to push [you,]" well, then, you really might consider clicking. in. here. from. time. to. time.

Just sayin', Mr. President.

Your sincerely,


  1. In what universe is Andrew Sullivan offbeat?

  2. That is a most excellent question, Kelly, but I am afraid the source of the "offbeat blogs" quote is an unnamed Obama aide. The president's interweb habits are apparently classified info.

  3. I'm with Kelly on THAT one. Sullivan? Offbeat? 'tis truly scary if the Prez or anyone in his administration thinks that.

    And Rox, the Prez sure could learn something by reading you. And just think, he might become a Mighty Terp Women fan and do the right thing and bring his girls, his wife, and his Mom-in-law to a Terp Women's basketball game!

    Hope he googles and catches you and falls in love with your wit and amazing brains, Rox-er-roo.

    Your Goose


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