Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The United States of Lieberman

(Photo Credit: Luke Sharrett, New York Times)

How do you like living in it, the nation being built to satisfy the insatiable, self-righteous shill for the insurance industry who is holding health-care reform hostage to his shifting demands? (Public option? Joe says no, and it's gone! Medicare buy-ins? Joe flashes "a broad grin," says no, and it's gone!)

Yeah, we don't like it either. Neither does Shakesville's Melissa McEwan. And neither does our blog pal Historiann, who asks the question of the day, as we wait for the Guy Who Was Going to Transform Our Politics, Save the World, and Make Sure Everybody Had a Prom Date to figure out how to do something that a clear majority of citizens supports:
Dear Santa,

Please deliver one truckload of WWLBJD bracelets to the White House for Christmakwanzakah. Give one to the president and one to chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, along with a polite note suggesting it's high time he started using the allegedly sharp elbows he supposedly brought with him from Chicago. Hell, Santa, give one to First Dog Bo and a couple to First Kids Malia and Sasha. This White House has a LOT to learn about the exercise of political muscle!

Yours sincerely,

P.S. I know it's not polite to brag, Santa, but we said all along these guys didn't have a clue about how to manage the legislative process. Please deliver us from the United States of Lieberman. It's not pretty, and it's neither Democratic nor democratic. We don't like it.


  1. Thanks, Roxie! Glad you liked my post. The Obama Campaign and WH knows how to throw some elbows--but they reserve them for primary opponents like Alice Palmer and Hillary Clinton, and now for congressional liberals/progressives. President Lieberman is President Lieberman because he can be. He's doing what the WH wants him to do.

  2. Dear Santa,

    Please send a pair -- huevos or cojones, whichever -- to all of the Democrats but expecially to our President.


    P.S. Also, send all of Lieberman's supporters who call themselves "Democrats" and "liberals" a clue. You don't get to have the moral capital of calling yourself such, then bail on the basic ideas.

  3. Dear Santa,

    Please send a couple of frosty beverages and some sexy tee-shirts that say, "History Geeks Do It In Time," to two of my favorite readers and sister bloggers, Historiann and Clio B, who amuse me, inspire me, teach me, and just generally make me really proud to be a citizen of the blogosphere.

    Yours sincerely,

  4. Historiann's right: Obama and his crew just throw those sharp elbows around when they're facing Democratic women who might beat them. I'll confess he's proved to be more gutless than I imagined. Meanwhile, we watch our pretty little democracy slip down the drain.

    Way to go, Dems. You gave us President Lieberman.

  5. Thanks, Roxie!

    I hate to bring up a sore subject, but how is your health? What's up with this immortality act? Will you write us up an update?


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