Saturday, December 12, 2009

On the Road Again

(Photo Credit: Moose, on her iPhone [using Toy Camera app.], Austin, TX, 12/11/09)

The moms are off to the Lone Star State this weekend to celebrate the 90th Birthday of the Mother of the Goosians, a fine Christian woman who is blind yet sees all and is cool enough to use the expression "suck up" in casual conversation with her daughters and daughter-out-law, Moose. PAWS UP and a thorough face-licking to one of the sweetest, feistiest old ladies on dog's earth. We love you, Mo, and are so happy to be able to rock you into your tenth decade!

Moose brought her iPhone along to document the festivities and snapped the photo above in the parking lot of a favorite Austin eatery. She is thinking about quitting her day job to see if she can achieve fame and fortune by photographing old cars and trucks using amusing iPhone apps. We think she's off to a good start, though we are slightly concerned about her long-term financial security. Those of you with similar aspirations and obsessions should check out this NYT story on iPhone camera apps (which, strangely, does not mention Toy Camera).

A happy weekend to each and all. May you grow old and feisty surrounded by friends and family and filled up with all the cake you could possibly want. Or maybe drinking salty margaritas with Fernando. Wevs, kids. Age has its privileges, so you do whatever the heck it is you want to do. Peace out.

(Photo Credit: Moose on her iPhone [using Camera Bag app.], Austin, TX, 12/11/09)

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  1. I so love the camera apps for iPhones - I am excitedly waiting until Jan 18th, when my current contract makes it financially viable for me to buy a new iPhone, with better inbuilt camera capabilities - and hence indulge my inner techno-geek...this car picture sums up the possiblities so well...


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