Friday, December 04, 2009

Signs of the Times

1. Got Blood? Apparently somebody was disappointed with the Great Speechifier's announcement of a major troop escalation in Afghanistan on Tuesday evening. Moose ran across this image on Facebook Wednesday morning:

Its provenance is unknown, but don't blame us, kids. The moms watched a basketball game Tuesday night. Oh, and supported Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary battle, but you knew that already. (PS: No need to jump in here to claim that if Hillary were president she, too, would probably be escalating troops in Afghanistan. A) We'll never know. B) Her supporters never claimed she was Gandhi in a pantsuit. Obama's did.) (PPS: For more on scales falling from the eyes of disappointed Obamaniacs, see Historiann's latest.)

2. Need Lunch? Well, you won't get it at this former bastion of groovy good eats in the People's Republic of Takoma Park:

Another local business has bitten the dust, the latest victim of Great Depression 2.0. Walking by the suddenly empty building yesterday (on her way to lunch at this new kid on the block), Moose couldn't help but tumble into her fantasy of an alternative career as owner of a neighborhood bar called the Takoma Tavern (TM RW Enterprises, LLC). It'd be a friendly, literate joint with a menu full of comfort food, the best martinis on the East Coast, poetry slams on Thursday nights, and acoustic music on Fridays and Saturdays. Oh, and a large screen TV that would only be turned on for QTU sporting events and Glee. And Big Love when it comes back from hiatus. Oh, and of course Damages. And Ellen. And Brothers and Sisters if Moose is working the bar on a slow Sunday night. Interested investors should contact me at Srsly, kids, the way this whole academic thing is going, I'm thinking the moms should get serious about exploring their options, just in case a big-time Hollywood writer/director never stumbles into Roxie's World and recognizes its potential as a blockbuster feature film starring Meryl Streep as the hormonally unbalanced amanuensis for the funniest darn dog blog in America.

3. Walk much? If you do and you're of the female persuasion, then you'd better take Wanda's advice and leave your vagina at home:

This crime occurred on the hiker-biker trail right here in Roxie's World. Takoma Park Police have released a sketch of a suspect in the assault, which occurred in a wooded area along the trail near sunset.

Is it just us, kids, or does the glass feel half empty today? Does it seem that there is a meanness at large in the world, some ill wind blowing across the land? Be careful out there, will you, darlings? You know how we worry about you, especially those of you who recklessly insist on taking your vaginas with you everywhere! Be vigilant, be fierce, and beware vagina-haters, who are also, alas, everywhere. Peace out.


  1. Okay, you dislike criticism of that other Dem candidate for prez, but we do know she was fighting for the even larger number for this surge. We do know that she and Biden had big arguments about it. We know that Gates, the Sec. of State and Obama are now on the same page here. We also know that the DLC represents a more hawkish wing of the Dem Party, and we also know that the Dems have a long history of destroying themselves by believing in strong social programs and lots of war and intervention.

    Trying to find non-hawks as presidential candidates for either party is like trying to find the social gospel among right wing evangelical christians. They all have their hands dirty. We need something new, Roxie, sometihng really new.

    I am so sad about Savory. Not great food, but such a refuge for a good cup of coffee and watching Takoma Park go by.

    The world is shifting all around us. Be strong. This is the rest of our lives.

    You are an amazing dog, ol' Roxie.

  2. Totally with you on needing something new, Margie. For the first time in their political lives, the moms are so disgusted with the gutless compromises that the Democrats offer as leadership that they are considering opting out.

    Still, it is not at all that we dislike criticism of Clinton, at least not when it is serious and fair (which much of what we heard in the primary was not). It's just that Obama WON. He is the boss, and this is the path he has chosen to take. And those among his followers who demonized Clinton and insisted he really was some radically different and better alternative are freaking out. If that seal of his is dripping blood, it's on their hands.

  3. Seriously? This is what you give your loyal graduate student readers right as we go into the hives-inducing time of the semester? War, great-recession tragedies and rape? Sigh. Couldn't this have waited until AFTER grades were turned in and we had the optimism of the final week of the year? Last week after clicking on your links to Historiann's blog and reading her comments about reviews and encyclopedia entries, I was depressed and discouraged about academic work, now the whole world sucks. We need some uplift, Rox.

  4. Comin' soon, Jules, honor bright. We're working on an inspirational "aux armes, citoyens" kind of thing for the weekend. My typist hasn't been sleeping again, and she's bad at uplift when insomnia strikes.

  5. I cannot recount in this small comment box all I know of the people working so hard to create a new politics, a new and renewed culture, the end of war as a legitimate option for dealing with grievances, for healing this poor abused planet, etc., etc., etc.

    Just don't look to our 2-party system for that half-full glass. That's the half-empty part.

    A tender pat on the head to you, Roxie, you dear old friend.


  6. Lambda Rising closing too. Thanks Depression 2.0.

  7. Candy Man7:50 PM EST

    "What's new on Roxie's World, dad?" Inquiring 9-year-old minds want to know.

  8. Oh, dear. We may need to consider putting parental advisory labels on some posts, eh? Oh, dear.

  9. Candy Man10:34 PM EST

    I completely didn't mean that as such, Roxie -- I only thought it was cute that the little one actually wanted to know what was on your mind!

    That said, I *did* scroll over your last image rather quickly in hopes that it wouldn't become the topic of conversation.

  10. Ah, well, we always knew the boy had impeccable taste and are flattered to hear that he was asking after us. We will, however, do our best to avoid exposing him to material unsuitable for impressionable young minds -- except, of course, for Moose's ongoing tutorial with the lad in some of the more colorful Anglo-Saxonisms. We take our public responsibilities very seriously here in Roxie's World.

  11. Hey, that Lad will love the post after this one--about The Boss!


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