Thursday, December 24, 2009

O Holy Night?

What is special about this night?

On this night, we permit the display of animals dressed up in silly costumes that have nothing to do with their animalness.

And why is that? We love animals precisely for their animalness, not for their pretending-to-be-humanness.

Because, on this night, humans throughout the world give themselves over to a dream of unconditional love, infinite generosity, and magical possibility. We are down with that idea, irrespective of all the religious and ideological baggage that goes along with it. The Pope wears a snazzy costume to celebrate this occasion, so why shouldn't the dogs?

Oh, all rightie then. Let's party!

Happy Holidays from All Your Friends in Roxie's World!

(Reindeer Roxie, photographed by Moose, quite some time ago.)

(Master Dudley, photographed by Code Purple Photography, Alexandria, VA, passed along by Dudley's Human.)

(Riley, photographed by Code Purple Photography, Alexandria, VA, passed along by Dudley's Human.)

And because the season also requires music, we offer you this vid of the greatest holiday song ever written, Robert Earl Keen's "Merry Christmas from the Family," which we have long admired because it manages to express the fundamental truths of every holiday gathering while turning a grocery list into a brilliant rhyme:
A can of bean dip and some Diet Rites
A box of tampons, Marlboro Lights . . . .
Sing it, Robert, and a joyous, if stunningly dysfunctional, season to each and all. Peace out, darlings, peace out.

(H/T Tyler Curtain for the vid.)


  1. Happy Christmas to you all! No reindeer antlers for my mother's cat, here in London, but we're waiting in anticipation for the moment when he can have his present opened, and a brand new fleecy rug will take the place of a cut-down bath-mat...

    Have a wonderful and celebratory and hedonistic day

    xo K & A

  2. dudley the beagle8:41 AM EST

    Dang, that is one fine-lookin' beagle! Oh, wait.

    Merry Christmas, Roxie!

  3. Thanks Rox always for your sense of humor and for making it possible to inhabit a world of many beings with generous spirits!

    Many gentle pats, loving strokes, kindly carings, and happy people to accompany in their lives around a low table of hospitality sheltering the most wickedly witty dog in the universe.

  4. Roxie, that song is awesome!

    You don't look too happy in those antlers. Indeed, you look as if you would like to say a few salty words, or at least do to the photographer what you did to that opossum.

    Merry Holidays to all the gorgeous hounds and the moms!

  5. A happy day and safe travels to everybody.

    Dudley, I must say that you wear that scarf well. You are one snazzy beagle!

    And I don't mind the paparazzi, Clio B -- It just goes with the territory when you are as famous as I am, though fortunately I don't have to pose with the antlers too often. But possums -- Well, let's just say no possum ever stayed in our yard for long when I was managing security for Roxie's World. It was a possum-free zone.


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