Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowpocalypse Takoma

You might have heard that we had ourselves a bit of a winter weather event here in the national capital area this weekend. My typist is too tired from her epic bout of shoveling this afternoon to do much typing, so we thought we'd just put up a little photo essay on the storm. Snow is so pretty to look at that we figured you wouldn't mind. (Want more wintry eye candy? Wa Po storm photo gallery is here. Blog pal and neighbor Clio Bluestocking has photos from her neck of the woods here.)

Photo 1: Dog Tired. Here's what America's favorite dog blogger looked like early Saturday morning, after the moms drove me home through the leading edge of the storm. We had gone to Baltimore for a sybaritic early solstice feast with our beloved Candy Man and his crew. The return trip took two hours, as heavy snow quickly overwhelmed the efforts of plows on I95. Goose drove heroically, while Moose worried and offered helpful commentary (e.g., "Don't you think you should turn the defrost on, dear?") from the passenger seat.

Photo 2: Rear Window I.
This was the view out into our ridiculously large backyard shortly before 1 PM on Saturday, at the height of the storm.

Photo 3: Rear Window II. Same view at 10:30 AM Sunday.

Photo 4: Sligo Reflections. After the shoveling, Moose insisted on a walk in the park. The creek is gorgeous, but the trail is treacherous. Tomorrow, she may lobby to do the trip on skis.

Photo 5: The Fire Is So Delightful. Goose is the family fire maker. And the chicken and dumplings maker. And the cocktail maker. And the one who doesn't panic on an icy highway in the dead of night when Moose can hardly breathe or see. We all have our roles to play.

Wherever you are, my lovelies, Roxie's World hopes that you are safe and warm, sheltered from every storm. Peace out.

(Photo Credits: Moose, 12/19 and 12/20/09)

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  1. I hope everyone is having a restorative a weekend as we have been having. What better way to begin than with beef bourguignon, complete with the perfect soup, salad, dessert, and wine pairings? Moose's boobs (the cookies; see last year's post,, chicken and dumplings, quesadillas, cranberry festive holiday drink, sweet family company--who could ask for more? Well, we are disappointed that two dinners were canceled (last night & tonight's), but we're already busy rescheduling those.

    Warmth and love to all,


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