Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Glorious News, Sports Fans: The Evil Empire (=Duke) Has Been Upset by the Taliban* (=West Virginia) in the Second Round of the NCAA Tournament! Dog Smiles. Moms Sit on Couch Making Mocking Whining Sounds as Clock Ticks Down. Life is GOOD!

The moms are back home. The women's NCAA tournament begins tomorrow with our beloved Lady Terps playing their first round game against Coppin State at home in the Comcast Center. The signs are ready. The tee-shirts have been washed and pressed. (It's pretty to think so, isn't it?) The moms are practicing their cheers and their patented double sign pump up and down maneuver, which looks so swell on the jumbotron. Good times, kids, good times. We love March.

So, it's spring, and that of course means it's time to do a little blog cleaning and maintenance. We were going through old boxes down in the basement (=comments) the other day and wanted to pull up this link to a CNN story from earlier this week on dog blogs. I know that my legions of loyal fans are shocked and disappointed that Roxie's World is not mentioned in the piece, and I, too, am appalled by the obviously staged photographs of dogs in front of computers (when everybody knows that standard practice among blogging dogs is to get someone with opposable thumbs to do the typing for you). Nonetheless, people, let's keep our protests to CNN civil. No threats to stage a mass poop-in at CNN headquarters in Atlanta, 'kay? Maybe Dudley could get a bunch of his beagle pals together for a big group bay-in, and perhaps Buster and some of the other WFT bloggers would pitch in on a letter protesting the exclusion of our bloggin' breed from the story.

By the way, Moose and I were really touched that so many of you thought the New York Times was referring to little old us in the article on academic bloggers who mix personal information (such as photographs of their children and "entries 'written' by their dogs") along with their professional, scholarly work. Again, it's pretty to think so, but it would have been even prettier if the Times had put in a link to Roxie's World so that the guys in Clicks and Eyeballs would have had an excuse to dance the conga in their cubicles as traffic soared through the roof. Honestly, kids, sometimes your humble dog blogger feels like the Rodney Dangerfield of the internets. We don't get no respect -- but your love is excellent recompense.

Also, we are going to be doing some updating of our blogroll so that it more accurately reflects our current pointing-and-clicking habits. We'll be taking down Huff Po, for example, because we can no longer bear to visit this intellectually bankrupt outpost of Hillary hatred. We'll be adding in some of our new favorite blogalicious destinations, including Historiann and Tom Watson. Scan that list of what we read, beloveds, and go show some love to the good gals and guys who spend long, lonely hours trolling the internets in pursuit of truth, justice, and the occasional fart joke. Where would we be without these selfless sheroes and heroes?

Peace out, friends. May your brackets never bust and your hard drives never crash.

*House Rule #1 in Roxie's World: We hate Duke so much that if Duke were playing the Taliban, we would root for the Taliban. Therefore, any team playing Duke is referred to as the Taliban, and we sit on the couch shouting, "Go, Taliban, go!"

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  1. happy b week ms moose--
    roxie give her a nice jump fr me--
    sunny days, only wind enough for kites,
    a cherry blossom festival of friendship and

    love, katie


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