Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hot Stuff

It's too darn hot for the kind of nuanced socio-political analysis you're accustomed to seeing here in Roxie's World, kids. I'll be spending the day curled up next to the air-conditioning vent in the living room, so I called in the Department of Eye Candy and our Director of the Lowest Common Denominator to take care of today's post. Those of you who live in places where it's cool enough to think might want to check out these interesting tid-bits:
  • On the gay stack: A Wa Po story on harassment and abuse of gays being increasingly accepted as grounds for seeking legal asylum in the United States. It's a little surprising, given the conservative judicial climate here in Bush World, and more than a little ironic, given that homosexuality was for decades used to bar immigrants from the country, but legal advocacy groups report the strategy has been successful in dozens of recent cases.
  • From the number crunchers: A new Gallup-USA Today poll shows Hillary Clinton with a 16-point lead over Barack Obama, which has her pollster Mark J. Penn feeling awfully happy. Meantime, on the dark side of the moon, Vice President Darth Cheney's approval numbers have slipped to an all-time low, "suggesting that he has replaced Dan Quayle as the most unpopular vice president in recent history," according to New York Times and CBS News polling from May and June. Question: What took so long?
  • From the Department of War is Peace: Shrub has finally figured out what to do! He is not going to change his strategy in the war; he's going to change the way he TALKS about the war, emphasizing "his vision for the post-surge" in order "to assure the nation that he, too, wants to begin bringing troops home eventually." Eventually. That is reassuring, isn't it? I feel better already, like I'm all warm and Rove-y inside, knowing that everything will work out because the Great Leader says he wants it to just as much as I do and everything the Great Leader says eventually comes true.
Okay, if it's too hot where you are to fry your brain with questions of war, peace, and whether Cindy Sheehan has simply lost her mind, we'll ask you to weigh in on this burning question:

Who is cuter, 5-time Wimbledon champ Roger Federer or his rival, who has lost to Federer in the last two Wimbledon finals, Rafael Nadal?

Moose and the Official Gay Stalker of Roxie's World have been debating this matter in recent days and have not been able to come to agreement, which is odd and disconcerting because they are usually in sync on most of life's important questions. (Example #1: How should clothes in closets be organized? By color, of course. Example #2: Are you in favor of the death penalty? Only for people who a) leave handprints on the walls or b) fail to appreciate a mushroom stock that took three days to make. Example #3: Do you prefer to sing before dinner or after? Yes.) Anyway, my legions of loyal fans are going to have to adjudicate this question in the interest of maintaining queer harmony in Takoma Park.

Here are Federer and Nadal together, following Federer's triumph in a thrilling 5-setter on Sunday (and you can read all about their closely fought match here):

(Photo Credit: Eddie Keogh, Reuters)

Here is Federer, in a rare display of emotion for a cool Swiss guy:

(Photo Credit: Clive Brunskill, Getty Images)

And here is Nadal, who may have the finest shoulders of any athlete on god's earth (and you KNOW how Moose loves a fine shoulder):

(Photo Credit: Chris Young/Agence France-Presse -- Getty Images)

So, astute judges of all things beautiful, what do YOU think? Do you go for Federer's calm elegance and excellent haircut, or Nadal's fiery emotionalism and glorious muscularity? Cool Swiss or hot Spaniard? (And don't blame us for the nationalistic stereotypes. In this case, they really apply.) Moose and my Gay Stalker are dying for you to weigh in on their dispute. Please leave your thoughts in Comments.

And while we've got you looking at pictures of boys, here's another question you might like to ponder on a stultifying afternoon:

Were these two guys separated at birth?

For those of you who don't live in the Washington area (or who watch The Daily Show instead of the 11:00 news), Steve Villanueva is a meteorologist for the local NBC affiliate. We have in the past referred to Mr. Villanueva, with respect and affection, as "Hispanic Eddie Munster," so we thought we'd give readers an opportunity to judge for themselves as to whether or not this is a fair characterization. Roxie's World is of course opposed to any form of meanness, but we find this resemblance too remarkable to ignore. In our dogged pursuit of the truth, sometimes we run the risk of offending, though Moose, who was an ardent fan of The Munsters in her misspent Midwestern youth, insists there is nothing offensive about being compared to the utterly adorable Eddie.

Gotta go, kids. A storm has come up, and we don't want Moose to be the next victim of a lightning strike to a laptop. (Seriously! Read all about it here.)


  1. Anonymous7:19 PM EDT

    How odd that Goose and OGSoRW would disagree on this -- I thought it was obvious that Nadal is foxier. Or is it just the shoulder-length hair I like? The real question is who has the good taste, along with me, to go for #2?

    Meanwhile, I've just discovered Google Reader, which explains why I've managed to post a comment even before the Federer-loving? Nadal-loving? Goose! I'm guessing that I'm voting with the OGSoRW, but you never know. . .

    Stay cool, you DC hotties --

  2. Oh no, you're voting with Goose, who thinks that Nadal is way sexier than Federer (whom I like, don't get me wrong, but fiery, sexy, expressive Nadal just gets to me. And, well, I like those shoulders too, though I'm not quite as fixated on them as is Moose.

    Roxie, YOU have been remarkable. Your recent post have been AMAZING. And I do wonder if Steve V is in fact Eddie Munster, or was in a previous life.

    Love & peace to all (except for the war-mongers: may they be sentenced to an island where they can only be. . .with others like them),
    --Roxie's Goose

  3. So far chicks are breaking for Nadal, while the Gay Stalker carries the racket for Federer. The fire, the hair, the shoulders -- Nadal leads 3-1 -- but we've yet to hear from the Official Ex-Smoker or the Official Prep School Teacher of Roxie's World. Gentlemen???

  4. It is quite clear that Federer is way hotter! And Roxie, I agree that it is TOO HOT, and Cindy Sheehan has clearly lost her mind!

  5. The pattern continues to hold. Nadal leads 3-2. You humans are so predictable!

  6. Anonymous9:10 PM EDT

    Thank you, QTA

  7. Anonymous10:14 PM EDT

    One vote for Federer and one for Andy RodDick, from a contrarian who didn't like the available choices.

  8. All tied up at 3-3, with the lone vote for RodDick. We'll see what comes in over night. I may have to put a paw up for Eddie Munster -- I'm a little sad that no one's voted for him!

  9. Anonymous7:19 AM EDT

    Federer is an excellent tennis player, but what makes him consistently a great champion is that his play is so zany, terrific to watch, in a class up there with Agassi -- an all-time favorite, second only in this tennis-player's heart to that old, scrappy underDOG named Chang!


    John Kerry was lovingly referred to as "Lurch," as everybody knows, from the Vampire Addams Family, so how about the boyish John Edwards as Eddie Munster? Hillary with Bill, will forever be stamped by the Sopranos, so as TV shows go, I don't want to mix metaphors by renaming her "Morticia," which anyway belongs to the great Jane Fonda.


    with love, RA

  10. Hi sis!

    Nadal looks like a less hirsute version of the Geico cavemen. Federer is cuter, but we need to have a talk about the location of the part in his hair. It's problematic.

    It sure is warm down here at the Outer Banks, but being right on the beach makes it bearable. I wish you were here to play fetch in the beautiful briny sea! Love to the QMs!

  11. I'll put RutgersAlumna down as a vote for Federer, tho her comment focuses on tennis prowess rather than cuteness. My brother Geoffrey seems to be tilting toward Federer, too, which would give him a 5-3 lead in the poll, despite the problematic part in his hair. Picky, picky, picky!

    Meanwhile, I've decided to give my director of the Lowest Common Denominator a big fat raise. This vitally important issue may have set a one-day record for page views here in Roxie's World, and we've definitely set a record for comments. The people have spoken: We need to be sillier and more superficial.

    Next up: Paris Hilton for president? Discuss.

  12. Anonymous12:02 PM EDT

    Roxie, I'm wondering if a better picture of Nadal is needed -- the one you chose is somewhat less than flattering. Take a look at this one:


  13. It's awfully nice of you to try to help the guy you voted against, togsorw (which is SO HARD to type!), but we prefer the shoulder shot ourselves.

    I wish my Auntie Faye would jump into this fray. I have a hunch she'd end up on Nadal's side of the net. She may be hard at work in her capacity as Radical Militant Librarian to the Stephanie Miller Show, however.

  14. Amazing arms, very little body hair (for a guy =), a spectacular ass, and loads of passion - Rafa is my boy! Thanks for asking, Rox!
    Auntie Faye

  15. I knew it! With Auntie Faye's vote for Nadal, Federer leads 5-4. I could tie things up by casting a vote for Nadal and then declaring an end to the voting, but that seems kind of Republican, doesn't it? I'll stay neutral and let the fun continue. Carry on, kids.

  16. Anonymous2:36 PM EDT

    I probably missed the official tally, but I vote for Nadal,even though I'm not fond of scruffy chins. I do love the upper arms, and his eyes and nose are a bit more to my liking. Big Sister to Moose, Luanne


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