Thursday, April 29, 2010

Noted, With Ego Satisfaction

A slightly revised version of Moose's heartwarming piece on her teacher Susan Gubar is up on Inside Higher Ed this morning. It's published under her real name and everything! Give it a click, will ya, so that the big muckety-mucks at IHE will know that America's favorite dead dog blog can bring in the eyeballs?

What's next, people? A talk show? A book deal? I worry that my typist may be going rogue. Not only is she publishing off-blog and out in the open, but there's a new dog curled up on the big leather couch in Roxie's World! No, no, darlings, the moms have not replaced yours truly (they assure me I am irreplaceable, as if I didn't know that!) -- They are dog-sitting for a few days for a little schnoodle that even I have to admit is adorable. Tomorrow is the four-month anniversary of the you-know-what, so I'm glad they've got some canine company for the next little while. It's nice to hear them using their talk-to-the-dog voices again and to see a happy critter racing around the ridiculously large back yard grooving on the glories of spring. Time marches on, and we can't expect the moms to console themselves with puppy porn forever, can we?

What are you still doing here, sweet pea? Didn't I tell you to click on over to Moose's piece on Inside Higher Ed? Do that, and then come back here and tell us what your big news is, 'k? Peace out, happy critters.


  1. So very happy to see this hitting an even wider readership!!

  2. Roxie--I saw Moose's article this a.m. Congratulaions! And it looks like it attracted a better class of commenters than usually materialize over there . . . especially for articles that have anything to do with gender or feminism. (Your essay wasn't explicitly about feminism, but Gubar is a *famous feminist scholar* and it's a great story about mentorship and leadership, as well as an important reminder of what's at stake when departments and faculty are asked to increase the caps of their courses, or their teaching loads.

  3. Thanks, wimmins. We're pleased to have the piece out there. Thanks especially to Kate, who kind of gave us the idea of trying to place it somewhere, and to Historiann, who sent a whole bunch of readers our way by highlighting the original post the other day over at her place. Historiann, you are very nearly as powerful as IHE, you know -- We are so very glad you use your power for good and not for evil!

  4. Roxie, I ran into your typist yesterday and didn't have the presence of mind -- was late to meeting up for the first time with someone I know in SL -- to mention this with appreciation. So will you give her a hug for me? And some spirit nuzzles of the new dog too? Thanks! Katie


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