Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mental Cases

As in . . . .

1. State of Nebraska is just a governor's signature away from requiring that women seeking abortions be screened for "mental and physical problems that might result from an abortion." Nice. Meteor Blades over at Daily Kos has a helpful chart doctors might want to use to help them decide whether the brainless unstable ninnies who come to them for help in exercising their constitutionally protected right to reproductive freedom are mentally tough enough to live with the alleged, possible emotional consequences of the procedure. Outlook? We'd say for straight sexually active women in Nebraska it's cloudy with a chance of baby. Here's the handy chart (picked up via Nan Hunter):

2. Glee returns with fresh episodes tonight, and we're a little mental about it here in Roxie's World, because, you know, our heads are aching from trying to keep up with the late-season twists and turns on Damages. (OMG, there's that red car! She totally bought that red car we've been seeing all season!) We need us some singing and dancing and we need it now! Advanced word on the 9 new eps is good. We will put up with having to watch a budding romance between Will and Emma and ongoing drama between Rachel and Finn for the thrill of seeing Kurt join the Cheerios (what? no same-sex love interest for the finest interpreter of Beyoncé the world has ever known?) and, of course, the endless delight of seeing what deliciously diabolical Sue Sylvester will do. Mark your calendars now, Gleeks, for the all-Madonna episode on April 20. We don't know what Sue will do that night, but here's a peek at what she will wear to inspire the Cheerios to scale the heights of Material Girlishness:

You heard it here first, darlings. Don't say a word for the rest of the day, 'k? You'll want to save your voice for the power ballads, won't you? Come back here when it's over and tell us what you thought. We'll be here, honor bright. Sing your little hearts out. It's good for your mental health.


  1. Re #1: GAH! It's just more getting in the way of women controlling their bodies and trying to intimidate doctors. I hate this crap so very much.

    But, I'm guessing that the doctor(s) already offering abortions in Nebraska is not going to suddenly decide that they don't want women to have abortions available. They'll comply with the law, but probably won't find that any patients aren't sane enough to choose an abortion.

  2. You're probably right that the law will have a limited impact on what doctors who are willing to perform abortions will actually do, but the last thing women need is one more hurdle, one more stigma, one more effort to induce shame around their bodies and sexualities. From that standpoint, a law like this is appalling, even if it doesn't "really" prevent women from exercising their choice.

  3. Post-Glee: Quick review from here was that the episode was a little flat but that Sue Sylvester's "Vogue" at the end redeemed everything. Of course, beauty's where you find, right, my little Cheerios? ;-)

  4. I totally agree that it's appalling. And part of the reason that it's so disgusting as a law is that it doesn't do anything so much as make life more difficult. I'm so tired of lawmakers trying to make life more difficult for women. As if things aren't hard enough?

  5. Bingo. And do we even need to bother to point out the rank hypocrisy of laws that turn women into wards of the state being promoted by the party that otherwise rants and raves about keeping the government out of peoples' lives? Thanks, fellas, but having someone else micromanage my womb is not, shall we say, my cup of tea.


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