Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Misery Would Prefer Less Company

But at least, according to this report in The Chronicle of Higher Ed, it's really smart, hard-working company:

One Third of Faculty Members See Dip in Their Salaries, in 2009-10. The average cut, for those who got them, was 3 percent.

Oh, and who's at the bottom of the barrel, salary-wise? Why, English profs, of course! There's a chart that lays out the sorry news in black and white, but we don't recommend looking at it without the support of a good stiff drink. (The data is from a study by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources.) According to the Chronicle's reading of the data, the disciplines with the lowest average salaries across the ranks were "English, at $60,850; parks, recreation, leisure, and fitness studies, at $61,709; and visual and performing arts, at $61,898."

So, English profs make less than gym teachers? Wow, I always knew the moms were the wrong kind of lesbians. I just didn't realize it had significant financial implications.

That is all, beloveds. We are going to go drown our sorrows now, with something strong and, you know, cheap.


  1. Well, is that true at UMD? not sure if my salary is anything to note.

  2. WMST isn't on the list of fields in the study. My hunch is you are right, but, then, you never know with averages.


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