Monday, March 15, 2010

How to Cook a Baby

Transcript of an actual conversation in Roxie's World, this morning:

Goose (checking e-mail): You know, Williams-Sonoma got into trouble because they started making too many gadgets.

Moose (reading dead-tree edition of WaPo): Mmmm-hmmm.

Goose: No, really. They're a very good company, but they got carried away making separate gadgets and machines for every single silly task in the kitchen. It's ridiculous.

Moose: Mmmm-hmmm.

Goose: Like this one they just e-mailed me about, for example: the Beaba Babycook.

Moose: Mmmm . . . the wha?

Goose: The Beaba Babycook.

Moose: That's not ridiculous. We've been needing something to cook babies in for ages. The flame-colored le Creuset dutch oven is really not right for the job. Let's order a Beaba Babycook! Do you think they could FedEx it so we could try it out over spring break?

Gales of laughter, sounds of coffee exploding out of mouths and being launched across the breakfast nook. The phrase, "Beaba Babycook" repeated several times in rapid succession, first by one mom and then the other, setting off fresh rounds of guffaws, chortles, snorts, and giggles.

Simple minds, simple pleasures. That's the way it is in Roxie's World on a cloudy morning in the middle of March, 2010. What's cooking in your neighborhood today, my pretties?


  1. Candy Man1:06 PM EDT

    Well... I have to admit the Beaba appeals. If I ever give in to a second round of parenthood, I may be in the market for one.

    My cloudy March morning has been spent grading (really quite good) graduate student essays, signing the 10-year-old up for summer camps, and wondering why little ants keep crawling over my laptop (why are they drawn to the laptop? heat? and where are they coming from, anyway?!).

  2. Spoken like a man who loves his Pasta Queen. ;-)

    Ants on the laptop? Surely, Williams-Sonoma has a tool or a spray that will take care of that?

  3. A beloved member of my family, who, accosted by those who wonder why every couple is not adding to the population, said in response: "Love babies? of course we love them: we think they are delicious!"

  4. My pasta queen IS the Candyman!

  5. I think there's a recipe in Titus Andronicus...

  6. And once you've cooked the baby (please do send that recipe, Bardiac!), Beaba also makes a multiportion freezer tray so you can gobble it up in small, microwaveable portions. How conVENient!

    Oh, and Candy Man is OUR Pasta Queen, too. He is, in fact, the Official Pasta Queen of Roxie's World.

  7. hey all this baby cannibalism is making us a little nervous -- can we rethink the trip to HMB?


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