Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sabbath Snaps

Sabbatical Thought for the Day from Moose on the Loose: How lovely that the words "sabbatical" and "sabbath" are drawn from the same root, from the Latin sabbatum, meaning "to rest." Which means, of course, that a girl on sabbatical is permitted to spend a Sunday afternoon roaming the streets of a historically Catholic town taking pictures of churches and briefly joining in a religious parade (accompanied by the Brother and Sister-in-Law of the Goosians, who happened to be visiting and are inordinately fond of parades).

It was a lovely day. Just remember to keep your hands off the links below if you don't want to know exactly where Moose spent it. ;-)

(All photos by Moose on the Loose. Top two are from here. Middle two from here. The dapper fellow in the snazzy scarf is here. And the bottom one is from this secular church of culture. 10/4/09.)


  1. Splendiferous, Moose! These are nothing short of breathtaking.

    much love,

  2. I hope you're enjoying your visit to "The Land of Enchantment." It really is a beautiful place, isn't it?

    I hope the weather is nicer down around your way than it is up here on the high plains of Northern Colorado, where it's cold and rainy...

    Do stop on by, if you can!


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