Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm Being Followed by a Moose Shadow

(Photo Credit: Moose on the Loose, on her iPhone, 10/19/09)


Go on. Push that play button. Encourage my typist to exploit the extraordinary techno-wizardry of the Internets to indulge in excruciating multimedia puns that really don't even make sense on account of, technically, this image shows her being not followed but preceded by a "Moose shadow." But, hey, why let a little thing like the truth stand in the way of a good pun, right? Just close your office door before you click on that button or the one below, which will complete today's episode of Cringe-Inducing Pun-ditry with an homage to one of the few decent musicians Moose actually listened to in the early 1970s. RW Enterprises, LLC is not responsible for the fact that you won't get any papers graded this afternoon because you will spend the next four hours humming the highly addictive chorus to this song. You have been warned, people. Click at your own risk. We sincerely hope that if you lose your mouth all your teeth will not dance out. Carry on. Please.

This post goes out with love to Mel, who probably still knows all the lyrics to every song on this album and joins Moose today in being over the hill. Happy birthday, old friend -- and I do mean old. ;-)

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