Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Because it's never too early to start thinking about basketball.

Because in your heart of hearts you long to see your hand-painted signs on the jumbotron at Comcast or in promotional e-mails or on the team's Web site.

Because you want to be there when Moose decides who will succeed Marissa "Shoulders" Coleman as the object of her passionate but completely respectful devotion.

Renew or purchase your Maryland women's basketball tickets now. Or Cannibal Terps will eat your kids for breakfast.

What are you waiting for, turtles? I said RENEW!


  1. Seriously. Why are we not making money off this trafficking in the moms' images and words? Why, why, why did I not end up with a couple of cranky lesbian CAPITALISTS???

  2. Don't we look cute with our signs? I think we should have a bunch printed and sell them at the first big home game. Then we can make $$$, Rox!


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