Sunday, May 03, 2009

Soggy Sunday Supplement

Something Pretty

Imagine how happy you'd be with all this rain if you were a young azalea struggling to establish yourself in an obscure corner of the yard that the slacker gardeners usually overlook in their occasional bouts of watering.

(Photo Credit: Moose)

Something Satirical

Moose is always pleased to find someone who shares her antipathy toward the pharmaceutical industry and its relentless efforts to make boatloads of money trying to convince people -- and particularly women -- that handfuls of pills will make their lives better. And she is thrilled when someone turns that antipathy into a fairly funny comedy bit.

(H/T to Cara at Feministe)

Something Uplifting

You might have seen this vid from Playing for Change, but we haven't posted it before, and it seems like a nice non-pharmaceutical way to brighten up moods when the forecast for Monday is calling for lots more rain in the DC area. Perhaps you will be reading this post in your office, after slogging into work and realizing that all those papers you spent the weekend grading got soaked because you didn't fully close the zipper on your backpack. It's okay, sweet pea. Put down the pack. Put your umbrella out in the hall to dry. Sit down at your desk with a soothing cup of something warm. Crank up your volume, and remember: Roxie's World will stand by you, no matter what. And those undeserving students of yours wouldn't have read all those comments anyway. Peace out.

(H/T to Amal, who posted this to FB and blogs here.)


  1. dudley the beagle12:10 AM EDT

    Thanks for that rendition of "Stand by Me." We needed that.

  2. I had a dream last night Roxie and you, sort of, figured in it. After dreaming that I had changed the name of my course in the fall to Lesbian Communities, Queer Transdisciplinarities, and after falling asleep listening to a science fiction story in which a Martian was so absorbed in his artwork that he didn't notice he had died and continued to work on and on, straddling many worlds....

    Well, then I dreamed that your blog was crossing the transdisciplinary knowledge worlds and the worlds between us and the ancestors. Mark Twain was very eloquent on this subject and I suspect if you ask him it will turn out he deliberately infiltrated my dream world last night too....

    So Roxie, I think we should confer on you the order of crossing worlds, and that Mark Twain should do the honors at the awards ceremony. And that all of us should be grateful to have a fox terrier looking out for us and the ancestors too.

    Love, Katie (my second life cat Fenstalker says hi).


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