Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Gay Holiday News Roundup

Hoping for Change Edition

Gay Number of the Day:

Cranky Old Gay Dude Standing on the Front Porch Shaking His Fist at Neighborhood Kids While Declaiming Long, Incoherent Passages from The Big Book of Transhistorical Gayness: Larry Kramer (again). (H/T: qta.)

Cute Young Gay Dude Steps Aside as Mayor of Gayest Town on Earth -- Goose's Home Town of San Angelo, Texas! -- Because Discriminatory Policies on Marriage and Immigration Force Him to Choose Between Love for his Mexican Boyfriend and the $600 a Year He Earned as Mayor: J. W. Lown. (H/T: Geoffrey.) Yes, Goose has local sources deep in the heart of San Angelo investigating this heartwarming yet somewhat baffling story. We will update you the moment we hear anything!

Middle-Aged Gay Dude Who Believed the Silver-Tongued Black Guy with the Nice Pecs Would Usher in a Big Queer Era of Harmony, Equality, and Elegance and Now Faces the Threat of Separation from His American Boyfriend Because of Discriminatory Policies on Marriage and Immigration that Obama Is Clearly in No Hurry to Change: Andrew Sullivan. Oh, how it hurts when the big gay scales fall from the eyes, eh, Andrew?

Further Proof that Being For Same-Sex Marriage Is Much Funnier than Being Against It:

Roxie's World wishes you and yours an early happy Memorial Day. May the skies in your part of the world be clear and the steaks be sizzling. (Apologies to our vegetarian readers. May the tofu be . . . as steak-like as it is possible for tofu to be.) Congratulations to all the grads out there who are celebrating the beginning of the next stage of their lives, especially all the wonderful kids from QTU who became fully certified queers yesterday at Lavender Graduation. PAWS UP and a thousand face licks to you as head out to face, embrace, and change the world armed with your big gay degrees and your awesome, beautiful hearts. Dogspeed to each and all.

Peace out.

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  1. Goose here chiming in to give you a big Paws Up for this post, Rox. Here's to all of those graduating and to Lavender Graduation! (They didn't have such a thing when ole Goose received her degrees.)

    And I'm also chiming in to offer an update about what's going on in San Francisco by the Concho, aka San Angelo, Goose's birthplace and home for the first 21 years of her life. Goose urges all of your readers to follow that link in your post, Rox, the link I also paste in here-- LISTEN to that cute mayor. He sounds like a great guy who has served his constituents well. And if you ask me, there's some piece of this story that's not being told. Listen carefully to the reporters' questions--at least one of them seems to think so, too. I'll keep an eye on this one, and will pass along now the news that my sources deep in the heart of West Texas tell me that someone's bullying him (read that as some other city official is bullying him). . .or so they think. . .and that he did this both to call attention to this issue (of queer citizens and whether we're welcome and under what circumstances) and also to vacate his office so that the people of San Angelo could be fully served by their mayor. We'll just have to wait and see how this plays out!

    As the sign in our great room, the one that got placed on the ledge in mid-November and hasn't budged, "It's the Equality, Stupid."


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