Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CA Supremes Say YES to H8

And NO to Forcible Divorces of 18,000 Same-Sex Couples Who Legally Wed During Brief Window of Opportunity, According to the Department of No, Really, That Glass IS Half Full

NYT report, with a link to the opinion, is here.

Pam's House Blend
has put up a "link farm" of reactions from LGBT and allied organizations. It's here, and growing.

Mad as hell and ready to hit the streets? Day of Decision will tell you where to go. List of protests throughout the country is here. Wear comfortable shoes, and remember that the appropriate target of your wrath should be neither the court nor, really, even the voters of California but the well-funded right-wing coalition that got Prop 8 on the ballot in the first place. Like who, you say? Like these guys.

Scratching your head, trying to figure out what to think? Richard Kim has a good, quick reaction up on his blog over at The Nation. Kim suggests we pause for a cleansing and reflective breath before jumping into a whole new initiative battle aimed at overturning Prop 8 in 2010. He points out that California's robust domestic partnership law gives couples all the substantive state-controlled rights and protections of marriage and that energies and resources might be more effectively used to gain "better and more inclusive movement goals than an uphill initiative that would give same-sex couples the M-word in one state only." Point taken.

Longing to know what the official reaction of Roxie's World is? Short version: Furious but not surprised. The ruling had been widely predicted. We can't imagine why such a pretty state as California enjoys wasting so much time and money on the circus of the initiative process, and we wish to heck someone in a position of power would stand up and say it is obscene to subject the civil rights of a minority group to popular votes, but we are not holding our breath waiting for President Obama to wake up and lead on this issue. Equivocation, hesitation, and evasion seem to be his plan on all things LGBT right now. Long version? You'll have to wait for that, kids. Your favorite dog blogger is having a bit of a health emergency today, and the moms will be taking me up to the vet soon. Thanks to everybody who's been sending me good thoughts and healing vibes on FB all day. You're the best darn virtual pack an aging girl and her moms could have. We'll let you know how things go at the doc's.

Meantime, here's a little ditty we'd like to send out from one set of Supremes to the other. If only the ones in the black robes had listened to the ones in the slinky white dresses . . . .


  1. Fab video, Rox. Love just keeps you going, doesn't it? And your love/our love keep us going no matter what the stupid law of the land says.

    I just don't understand why the President has so little courage in this area. Or maybe I do understand, and that makes me very, very sad.


  2. Holding you in my heart Rox.Katie

  3. I'm thinking about you, sis, and I send you my love.


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