Monday, December 01, 2008

A New Dawn

Substance Makes a Comeback:

(Senator Hillary Clinton and President-Elect Barack Obama leave the stage at a press conference in Chicago at which he announced she is his choice to be secretary of state. Photo Credit: Jim Watson/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images, via New York Times, 12/1/08)

Style Takes a Backseat:

(The North Portico of the White House festooned with a red ribbon for World AIDS Day. Photo Credit: Jason Reed/Reuters, via New York Times, 12/1/08)

Transcript of the press conference announcing Obama's national security team, in which he declared "a new dawn of American leadership," is here. Chris Cillizza's short but smart take on why Obama would have offered Clinton the job and she would have accepted it is here.

Roxie's World officially celebrates President-Elect Obama's choice and hereby orders all Clinton haters on the left to shut the hell up. Time for a new meme, people. Bitch is going global. Paws up to that!


  1. Purely for the sake of speculation: had Hillary been the nominee and won, for what cabinet position would she have most likely picked Obama? (If not for VP.) I think he probably would have been her pick for Secretary of State also; if anything, this probably means that these jobs are an extremely natural fit for both of them.

  2. I think he definitely would have been her veep, but SOS wouldn't have been a bad idea either.


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