Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Too Tired to Write About Marriage Day

We're late to the party and the truth is we've kind of shot our wad on the subject of same-sex marriage recently (see this, this, and this if you haven't been keeping up), but we can't miss out on Write to Marry Day, a blogalicious bit of activism being organized by Mombian in connection with the effort to defeat California's odious Proposition 8, which would overturn the state's newly recognized right to same-sex marriage. There are already more than 300 posts linked in, including a heart-warming wedding fantasy spun out by our new blog pal, Sfrajett, at Sfrajett's City.

Go peruse those posts at Mombian. Go click some of your hard-earned bucks over to the fighters for justice at No on Prop 8, who are up against the apparently endless supply of money being put up by Mormons to assure that marriage in California reverts to being accessible only to couples equipped with one penis and one vagina.

Then click on the vid below, which is kind of an ad for Gus Van Sant's new film Milk (trailer here), kind of an ad for the Emperor of Hope who is about to be -- finally! -- elected president, and technically an encouragement to vote against Prop 8 and the other two anti-marriage equality measures on ballots this season in Arizona and Florida. qta sent us the vid, 'cause he knows what it takes to get Moose all verklempt in the office on a busy afternoon. Love you, children. Keep the faith.


  1. That video made me cry. I'm stealing it to post on my facebook page. How wonderful! Good sleepy post!

  2. Aw, just what the world needs -- another sentimental dyke. ;-)


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