Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Butch PhD v Da Frum(p)

Score one for the girl. We're falling for her again, kids. Gonna have to start watching Rachel Maddow's show, even if we had sworn off the network that continues to provide a platform for the useless yammerings of Tweety and He Who Looks in the Mirror and Thinks He Sees Edward R. Murrow.

Just watch Rache disembowel GOP hack David Frum as he tries desperately to defend an utterly specious comparison between the smart but snarky style of Maddow's show and the crowds calling for Dem blood recently at McCain-Palin rallies. It is a thing of beauty and a joy to behold. Really. Watch every delicious second, and then go read Tristero's rapturous response over on Hullabaloo, which is where we picked this up.

Forgive us, but we are inordinately fond of smart girls who look as if they could bench-press a smarmy jerk as easily as they could demolish his logic. You go watch the vid. We are going to close our eyes and think of . . . um, whatever it is Moose is teaching tomorrow. Really.


  1. Did you see Rachel Maddow call out Palin for her transparent attempt to hide her abuse of power?


    While I'm sick of the ad hominem--or ad feminam--attacks against Palin, I like Maddow's tenacious critique because she focuses on Palin's record. And, besides, Maddow is as cute as a button!

  2. OMG I heart Rachel Maddow. My GF hearts Rachel Maddow. Sometimes we just sit in the living room and heart her together, side by side, pulsing and proud, next to our cats, who also heart her, and our sleeping baby, who is no doubt dreaming about her. Mrrrow.

  3. And do you know She met Her girlfriend when She was doing yard work up there in Lesbo Land (Northampton, MA)? Moose says She can come mow our grass any time She wants.

  4. Roxie, is that some sort of sordid euphemism?


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