Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I Don't Want to Talk

. . . but feel free to hold forth in comments, kids. Meantime, Moose and I are taking refuge in disco kitsch. Hum along if you know it, and we know you do:

The world is still spinning on its axis. The girl has not conceded yet. The big blogs all are holding public displays of thoughts, reactions, feelings, and future possibilities. See especially Melissa McEwan's spot-on piece on Shakesville. A few too many not especially gracious in victory Obamaniacs mucking up the comment thread, but there you are.

Wa Po's
second-coming headline this a.m. was almost more than we could bear. Then of course there's the tick-tock piece on our very own Maryland state delegate -- and friend -- Heather Mizeur, who until late yesterday was an uncommitted superdelegate, finally flipping for Obama when the pressure was on.

What does Hillary want? Whatever it is, we will work like hell to help her get it. Peace out.


  1. Anonymous2:43 PM EDT

    This comes from the MSNBC-site, one of the most misogynist of TV-News media, and it's written by a man, so it's pretty powerful, I think, considering its source (Clinton will say herself, I am sure, what to her "respect" would mean!):

    by Ron Fournier

    "Obama, less than four years out of the Illinois legislature, skated through the primary season with nowhere near the scrutiny [Clinton] faced as first lady — and somewhat less than she did as a presidential candidate.

    "Nearly 20 million voters sided with her, many in the nation's biggest states, and nobody can question her grasp of the issues or her doggedness.

    "Accepting his historic victory, Obama — the nation's first black presidential nominee with a serious shot at the White House — praised Clinton for 'her strength, her courage and her commitment to the causes that brought us here tonight.'

    "What does Hillary want? She wants to be president — still — and she wants the respect she's due.

    "Obama denied her the former this time, but now is his time to grant her the latter."


  2. LOVES the frosty blue eyeshadow on Agnetha!


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