Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Unsinkable Hillary

(Photo Credit: AP via Politico; Hillary Clinton downs a shot of whiskey at Bronko's Restaurant and Lounge in Crown Point, Ind., 4/12/08)

Video of Hillary's belly up to the bar moment is here and its political resonances are probed here, but we want you to watch this long glorious scene from The Unsinkable Molly Brown, because it's what we think of when we see a tough woman knocking down shots with the boys just because she can. Debbie Reynolds chews up the scenery, and Peter Gennaro's choreography will take your breath away. Swear to dog. In the wacky world of Moose's pop culturally mixed childhood, the soundtrack album to this 1964 film was as big as Meet The Beatles. She knew all the words to both. Still does, in fact. Anyway, the toe-tapping vid:

This one goes out to the late, great Frig, who taught Moose to love the musical, to all the girls who needed three gulps but managed to get the shot down without choking, and to qta and Mel, who are helping Moose put on a show this week. Miss you, are you, love you. Mean it.

And for Hillary, who keeps swimming.

Linky Love:

Go read this wonderful piece by Rebecca Traister in Salon on young women who are sick of the trashing of Hillary, even if they are supporting Obama. It's an unusually nuanced analysis of generational divides among women and of how the F word (feminism) is playing out in the election.

Check out Anglachel's Journal, a blog that's recently landed on our radar screen. She's a Clintonista whose instincts strike us as razor-sharp.

Hang in there with us, kids. We're working hard to stay afloat ourselves right now, but our hearts are always here with you. Swear to dog.


  1. Anonymous1:33 PM EDT

    Da Boss endorses Obama!!!

  2. Anonymous2:10 PM EDT

    Thanks, Roxie, for helping us Clinton supporters stay afloat.

    I just don't understand all of this "Clinton-hate." I really don't. I can understand it from the conservative end, but Obama supporters just won't let up. At dinner parties, I have to keep my mouth shut. If I mention anything positive about Clinton, I get these stares as if I "just don't get it." And I find myself thinking, "no, YOU just don't get it."

    I am of the belief that we should be wary and critical of ALL politicians. Why are Obama supporters so resistant to admitting that their candidate is just that--a candidate running for president. He's not some untouchable figure that can do no wrong. I just don't get how this blind adoration of Obama doesn't make people uncomfortable. I've never seen such Kool-Aid drinking among intelligent liberals before in my life. Come on people...he's a candidate running for president. Everything he says and does is a STRATEGY. Obama people balk at Clinton's beer-drinking photo-op. "She's just doing that for votes," they say. Well, OF COURSE she doing it for votes. That's what you do when you run for president! Every single thing Obama does and says is, likewise, done in the interest of getting votes. Every single thing he does and says.

    Roxie's world is my daily haven from the madness. Thanks, Rox.


  3. Jenny, I certain understand your consternation, and what you write speaks to my experience, that's for sure. Do the Obama supporters who criticize Clinton for drinking a beer think that he and Bob Casey stopped by a bar in Latrobe, PA, for any other reason than to try to get votes?

    And as for the commenter who left the remark about Springsteen's endorsement of Obama: Bruce has only endorsed one politician before. . .John Kerry. And I'm sorry to say that his statement supporting Obama is vapid. Very disappointing. . .but so are his hair plugs.

    Thanks Jenny and Thanks Rox!

  4. Well, Anonymous, at least the Boss has the guts to put his name on his endorsement. We'll see if he's as helpful to Obama as he was to Kerry -- or as Kerry and the Kennedys were to Obama in Massachusetts.

    And fear not, Jenny -- This old dog's got pretty good sea legs. We'll keep you afloat, I promise!

  5. Anonymous10:11 PM EDT

    Hey, Roxie--I don't know if you've stopped by Historiann.com lately, but I've had two separate reports from embeds at Pennsylvania colleges send reports about 1) Bill Clinton at IUP yesterday, and 2) Hillary, Chelesea, and Dorothy Rodham at Haverford today. It's very cool to have readers "on the ground" who are so connected!

    And, yes, re: the above comments about authenticity and beer drinking: they're pols. This is what they do. Grow up!

  6. Anonymous4:09 PM EDT

    Hair plugs? That's what you got for your legions of loyal fans? Hair plugs? Vapid hair plugs?


    Also, Roxie, point of order. You want to stand out on the back porch and bay. Barking is for retrievers, shepherds, and ter--

    Oh, wait.

    Well, yapping is for Malteses. I know that much!

    But . . . hair plugs?

  7. Anonymous12:33 PM EDT

    Have you seen the recent polling news? For the first time since March, HRC is up over Obama in the Gallup daily tracking poll 46% to 45%, and Rasmussen has her polling better than Obama against McCain, although they both lose to McCain. (Rasmussen writes, "Prior to the debate, McCain enjoyed a ten-point lead over Clinton," and now it's only a 4 point lead.)




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