Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gloat? Us? Oh, YEAH!

Pro-Hillary fem bloggers enjoying some hormonally fueled day-after PA happy dancing -- Why the heck not? From Donna Darko at Hillary 1000 by way of Elizabitchez:

While we're indulging in a little levity, if you missed HRC's killer cameo on Colbert Report, click here. (We would embed it for you, but the geek girls in Tech/Aesthetics don't like the way vids from Comedy Central mess up our page-loading. Take it up with Comedy Central, will you? Those geeks are some seriously mean bitches. Vid's hilarious, though. Go watch it.) (With thanks to deputy internets troller Dudley the Beagle.)

Best line on HRC's surprising only to the media and Obamaniacs victory in PA last night? James Wolcott's take on the New York Times' grouchy editorial deploring the nasty, nasty tone of the Dem primary race:

Shorter New York Times editorial:

Hillary Clinton's ruthless insistence on winning big-state primaries with traditional Democratic voters only hastens and strengthens the case that she drop out of the race and let Barack Obama finish his waffle.

Love it. And you'll love this piece by Eric Boehlert on Media Matters for America on how profitable misogyny has turned out to be for Chris Matthews and the other boyz of the MSM. My typist has been so busy that we haven't had a chance to comment on the cover story the NY Times did on Matthews a couple weeks back, but we have a strict policy of not commenting 'round here on things we haven't actually read, even if it means bypassing an opportunity to indulge in our blind hatred for Tweety.

That's it, kids. It's another one of those nights when the typist's head is about to tumble into the keyboard. We're awfully proud of you for pouring all that campaign money into Sistah Hillary's coffers last night. Didn't get around to it? Shame on you! No face licks for you til you've clicked over to Hillary Clinton dot com. Next round in the fight is less than two weeks away. Girl's got to get ready for battle, and you've got to help her buy the equipment.


  1. Love the takes on the grouchy NYT (that would be the NY Obama Times, by the way) editorial, Rox. Thanks for bringing them to our attention. As I was telling Moose on our walk yesterday, I think they wrote the editorial before the results were in and had convinced themselves that the Mighty Hillary was going to lose by 1% point or less (as all the Obamites I know had convinced themselves). So the editorial was originally drafted to scold HRC and explain to her why she lost: HA! Then she had the nerve not only to win, but to trounce His Hopeness. The CNN team didn't know what to do Tuesday evening (I can't stand MSNBC anymore; even dear Rachel is, er, losing her balanced view). It was clear that HRC had won and won big when they announced that Obama was suddenly sending a surrogate to some rally in Philly and was heading out for Indiana. And these aging rock stars are pathetic, aren't they? Bruce with his hair plugs and John M with his barbie wife -- they are supporting Obama because they want to feel younger. It's as if, as Moose said, we're watching Mass Male Menopause.

    Hey, if you count Florida and Michigan, HRC is AHEAD IN THE POPULAR VOTE. If you count only the states that we are now counting, but count them as the Electoral College will counts them, she is WAY AHEAD OF OBAMA.

    Who is it again who is electable?

    Always yours,

  2. Anonymous4:25 PM EDT

    Honestly, how can Obama get the nomination now? He reminds me of the Indianapolis Colts team who started 13-0 then lost their last 3 to limp into the playoffs for a first game loss. You have to peak at the right time and he peaked too early.

    And ol’ Hill Rod has hit her stride. I have to tell you, I was pretty disappointed when it looked like McCain was going to be able to just smack Obama around for a few months. Now I’m getting excited about a McCain – Clinton cage match. Let’s throw Bill in as the VP candidate for some real excitement!

    Obama seems to know it, too. I think that’s the real reason he’s been focusing more and more on McCain – not to strengthen his position as the Democratic nominee, but to weaken McCain’s position as the Republican candidate. The Democrats finally look like they’re more interested in winning the Presidency than a pissing match for the nomination. Obama will continue to attack McCain, Clinton will continue to make her case as the best candidate for the job, and Obama will gleefully accept the VP nomination at the convention (but, come on, you know you want Bill).

  3. I like your optimism, Spudz. Obama does seem really off his game lately. It will be interesting to see how he proceeds over the next couple of weeks. The Indiana native in our household has a hard time imagining him taking that state. She thinks Hill Rod will appeal to hard-working Hoosiers.

    We don't want Bill for veep, though. We're too excited by the idea of him as the first non-lady First Lady to want anything else!

  4. Anonymous2:22 AM EDT

    You three crack me up!

    The DNC rules cannot strip popular votes from MI and FL, only delegates, so they count! Most popular votes in history!


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