Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Double Fricking Digits!

(Photo Credit: AP; Hillary Clinton celebrates victory in PA primary with supporters in Philadelphia, 4/22/08)

Can somebody please explain to me why the LOSER of today's Pennsylvania primary is speaking LAST? Why didn't the WINNER get to inspire us all into the late news? Oh, she probably has to get home to do the dinner dishes or help her aged mother get ready for bed or something. I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that the media are still on their knees for the Precious and just waiting, wishing, hoping, and praying for that moment when the Bitch Who Will Not Die will just. . .stop. . .WINNING! How dare she! How dare she fight for the votes that are rightfully his!

Want to shut the media and the blogger boys up, Clintonistas? Then leave this happy place right now, and click yourselves over to Hillary Clinton dot com, so the Bitch We Love will have the resources she needs to compete against His Hopeness in Moose's home state of Indiana and Big Sissy/the Newest Democrat's adopted state of North Carolina on May 6. Moose got her tax refund this morning, so she'll be sending the Good Old Girl a few more Ben Franklins to help get her through the next few weeks. Go on now, sisters, brothers, and gender-queers. Give a sister a fighting chance, and get that hope-monger to STFU.

Wa Po recap is here. Results are incomplete, but things are looking good. She could get a big enough win to make a few superdelegates stop, think, and wet their pants with anxiety.

Tie game, people. Nothin' to do but keep on playing.


  1. "I'm in this race to fight for you. To fight for everyone who's ever been counted out. To fight for everyone who's ever" had problems paying the mortgage, those gas bills, for the higher price of food. Rox, Hillary Clinton gave a very inspiring victory speech this evening. . .she cares about us. 90% of the vote counted, and she's ahead by 10%. As my late father said, she's "the first woman President of the United States."

    And you know, grace counts in these things. And twice now Senator Obama has not been gracious. When she won Ohio and my home state of Texas he made her talk first. He doesn't mind his manners, and, as his admiring gaze makes clear during debates, can learn a lot from Senator Clinton.

    Comrades, the winning ticket is Clinton/Obama. I have problems with him on the ticket, as I've realized how dangerous it is that he doesn't really say anything (Adolph Hitler was for change, unity, doing things differently than had been done, and not doing a politics of distraction -- well, he sure didn't do that). Now obviously I'm not saying he's another AH, but he does need to tell much more than he has about what he will do. He claims to have "brought both parties together in Illinois and Washington." When did he do that in Washington? No one but Obama seems to know. . . .

    But my point is: look at her health care plan; look at her economic plan; look at her plan for withdrawing troops from Iraq; look at her plans for rebuilding these United States in a GREEN way. Hers make sense to me. Look at those plans and then tell me why you don't like her. If you're a queer, look at how she talks about us--she's never said we "proselytize" nor has she said ours is a "lifestyle."

    Please look at her plans and what she actually says and then tell me why she's the lesser candidate. I just don't get it. And look at their victory rallies tonight--his was all about him; hers was all about us, voters. As Robert Frost says, that is all the difference.

    In peace, and for Clinton/Obama.

  2. Well Rox, Moose tells me that people are going to think I compared Senator Obama to Adolph Hitler. Oh my goodness. What I was examining was the content of their rhetoric, and I was saying that Senator Obama needs to be more specific in his rhetoric. I am sure he is not for the kind of politics that AH enacted, but he does need to make clear what he IS for. I listened carefully to his speech this evening, and I'm still not sure. I've combed his website, and I'm still not sure. So I'm just asking him to be specific, that's all. Otherwise, his rhetoric may be MISTAKEN by listeners because his rhetoric is that of popes, dictators, liberationists, anarchists, communists, fascists, socialists. That's what happens when one's rhetoric is so squishy: it can be taken by anyone to mean what they favor. So I don't think it's out of line to ask him to be more specific. That's all. And THAT makes all the difference.

    In Peace,

  3. Anonymous9:09 AM EDT

    Cheers Roxie, Moose & Goose, a fine post & comments today, thank you!

    Just to add that Hillary's grit to stay in it and survive makes its own endorsement, according to Gail Collins at NYTimes. This quote comes from an article she wrote on March 27, but it could not be any more right on than it is this morning!

    "The one unassailable fact about Hillary Clinton is not that she’d make the best decision when the phone rings at 3 a.m. in the White House. It’s that if the phone rang at the same time that her polls were at 12 percent and her attorney general was under indictment and the economy was in the tank and California had just broken off and fallen into the sea, she would still pick up the receiver."


  4. Anonymous12:53 PM EDT

    clearly her appearance on WWE made all the difference for Hill Rod.

    did you see that? inspiring. and then the way she took it to obama in the ring? i tell you, i'm starting to like this broad; she's got spunk.

  5. If you count in Florida and Michigan she is leading in the popular vote!!!!


    Bussie Kissies

  6. Amen, Buster -- Roxie's World demands that Buster's mom's vote be counted!

    Spunk, grit, pluck, moxie -- She's got ALL those great qualities we associate with "broads," Spudz, even if Goose doesn't like it when Moose and I call women "broads." I dunno. I think it's another one of those B words we need to re-claim, and so we are Broads, Bitches, and Ball-Busters for Hillary! Why the heck not?

    Lovely to see you back in comments, RA -- We've been missing you. And thanks for that Gail Collins quote. Spot on, as we like to say.

    Face licks for everybody!

  7. Anonymous4:52 PM EDT

    Wow, if comparing Obama to Hilter doesn't start a flame war in the blog comments then we must not be doing it right. Surely it at least got you a nice boost in pageviews. Next time put it in the title of the post.

    Great conversation starter at parties, though. And then when I follow that up with my theory on why professional athletes are modern day slaves, I have them eating out of my hand.

    Man, I can clear a room.

  8. Damn, you're right, Spudz -- Next time we'll title the post "Barack HITLER Obama!" Don't know why we didn't think of it before.


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