Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Shall We Dance?

Because we really don't have time for blogging this evening but want you to know we are thinking of you and your insatiable desire for weird pleasures made accessible by the internets:

(With thanks to the Official Prep School Teacher of Roxie's World, who is the very best there is at finding and sharing perversely fascinating junk.)

It's one of those weeks here in Roxie's World when an old dog is grateful to be deaf as a post. That way I don't have to listen to the sighs and grumbles and sharp intakes of breath emanating from my poor pitiful typist as she careens through the house throwing down one stack of papers and picking up another, while muttering endlessly about talks and meetings and classes and some strange creature she calls a symposium. I catch the sound of this word in my one half-good ear and wonder if the moms aren't shopping for a new companion animal, but I don't see any signs of crates, chew toys, or litter boxes, so I put my head down and go back to sleep, knowing that sooner or later the storm will pass and all will be calm again in Roxie's World.

Meanwhile, here are some links to all the stuff we are not blogging about while Moose endures her terrible, horrible, busy-as-a-fly-in-an-outhouse week:
  • Is blogging hazardous to one's health? I'm doing fine, thanks, but my poor pitiful typist is suffering most of the symptoms of what will soon be known as Blogger's Constant Traumatic Stress Disorder: weight gain, neck and shoulder pain, sleep disruption, low self-esteem on days when traffic is low. (You can help out on that last one, people -- Just click over here two or three times a day, and Moose will be happy!) (Face lick to Dog-Eared Book for passing this important story along.)
  • Are we thrilled that Clinton strategist Mark Penn finally got his comeuppance? You betcha. We called for his head months ago, loyal readers will recall. We're glad he is down. We wish he was out, but a girl can't have everything.
  • Are we relieved that someone has written a withering critique of the Obamaniacal assertion that the only way Clinton can get the nomination is to "steal" it? Of course, and we're especially pleased that it's written by Sean Wilentz, who is just sharp as a tack. Your homework? Forward this to every Obamaniac you know and tell them to get the heck off their high horses. Game is tied, and the fourth quarter has barely begun.
  • Is it seriously bumming us out that as we type this piece Stanford is losing to Tennessee in the women's national championship game? Yes, but it fits with the pattern of everyone we even remotely care about imploding in basketball this season. Stanford coach Tara VanDerveer even took off her aviator glasses for the final! We hope it wasn't because Roxie's World made kind of a snarky comment about VanDerveer's style as anti-style the other day. We realize that is a time-honored tradition in lesbian culture, coach, and we honor you for maintaining it. We love you, Tara, and we really hope your team gets its act together here in the last six minutes.
Sigh, kids. In a matter of minutes, college basketball season will be truly, finally, utterly over, and we'll have no choice but to face the other sources of madness in our lives. How many days is it til exhibition season begins? Wake me in time for tip-off, okay? Peace out.


  1. Anonymous7:37 PM EDT

    Roxie, that video completely made my day.

  2. Anonymous11:00 PM EDT

    Depresses the hell out of me.

    Dance (voluntarily, d'you suppose?) done by prisoners in support of Archbishop Vidal, who has of late been embroiled in controversy. Some of the controversies: (a) Archbish demanded that economic development money for the Philippines be spent teaching couples how to use the "ovulation method" of birth control instead of something that might actually work? (b) Archbish is supporting the government in a corruption scandal and refused to allow a whistleblower who blew the lid off the scandal to take mass presumably for the very good reason that Archbish doesn't like whistleblower. The guy you see weeping at the opening of the video is Lozada, the whistleblower, who has been denied the consolation of his religion for political reasons.

    (I don't know all the details, but this is a complicated situation, and it's far from clear that the Archbishop is a fine specimen of human compassion and decency. And I rather imagine the dance is a piece of propaganda supporting the government, which, I'm guessing, has something to do with the control of the government over the prison system. Just guessing, though. Maybe it's all open and aboveboard.)

    Yes, I know. It's wonderful eye candy. And without that opening, I wouldn't have had a problem with it at all.

    But I'm still depressed.

  3. Anonymous10:31 PM EDT

    Addendum: and now the human's been walking around all day singing "Gloria." And the human can't sing worth a damn. And, possibly as a result of the human's imagining that the details of Philippine politics were in some way any of her business, we're all having regular two-minute hates against archbishops everywhere.

    Oh, things are not good, they are not.


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